Bye bye high temperature!

So about 3:00pm Ben calls the house. Naturally, I am not there because Lance and I wandered to Target and Wal-mart once again. Hahaha! Not once again on Target, but definitely on Wal-mart. Why? Because I really don’t like having to separate all the boys’ ornaments out so that each boy can put their own ornaments on the tree. So we were on the quest to get tubs/boxes/whatever so that I could sort them as they get put away this year.

The good news is that we did find a replacement toy for Lance’s broken Avatar TV game thingy. The stupid thing never worked. He said he wanted another remote control truck since the remote control car that he got for Christmas did not work on carpet. We had been looking since then for another large truck like what he had. We have to date, not found anything like it. Today, however, he found another car that he wants and while it was a bit more expensive than the money that had been set aside for this purpose, we were only talking about $5 more + tax. The claim on the box was 0-65mpg in 5 seconds with working suspension. It looked like it had tires that would at least grip the carpet and try to act like it meant business. So we got it.

I then got a set of 5 shoebox sized plastic tubs with lids for the ornaments. I figure between Andrew, Lance, and Kyle’s ornaments that takes up 3. Ben’s ornaments from when he was little are in a shoebox, so I can replace that with a tub as well. That leaves 1 more empty and I am sure that I can find something to do with it. You are probably thinking, “but what about Stacey’s ornaments from when she was little?” Don’t worry, I have some. I do in fact even have some in my possession. The fact is that most of mine are still on my parents’ tree and I am just fine with it being that way. I get to stroll down memory lane when I gaze on my parents’ tree every year. For now that is all that I need. Besides, their tree just wouldn’t be the same without them. For what it is worth all of my siblings’ ornaments are on their tree as well.

So I can officially say that Christmas is well on its way to go away for a few more months. I managed to get the Nativity put away earlier today. Well in the boxes. The boxes are still sitting on top of the living room bookcases instead of being stored away in our bedroom closet. I have manged to pull all of the boys’ (including Ben’s) ornaments off the tree, except for those that were on the top 2½’ of the tree. For that I need a ladder. Yep, too short. I suppose that I could pull everything else off the tree. Then actually drag the ladder out. That just seems like so much work for my current motivation level. Nope, not real motivated to take it all down. I am actually going to miss looking at it all. I already can’t wait to put it all back up next year.

Oh and the car’s claims…I am not so sure it reaches 65mph period…or that it does it in 5 seconds…maybe we should factor that speed and time per the size ratio of the vehicle. *laugh* That being said, Lance is one happy little boy! It is fast. I turns in circles. It runs on the carpet. It works with the antenna up or down. It can go over small obstacles. He’s just as content as can be.

Ah, but I digress from the reason that I started this in the first place. So Ben called. He didn’t call my cell phone. Not entirely sure why not, but he didn’t. So I called him back shortly after 3pm, so shortly after he called. I had just missed him. Aside from the fact that he could check the bank transactions online and know that I went to both Wal-mart and Target, I could have gone by undetected. *laugh* Oh well, it wasn’t a big deal and certainly nothing to hide. Just trying to make my life easier come next Christmas because it is hard enough for me to endure the children putting all of their ornaments on just a few branches and leaving the rest of the tree empty. I somehow survive it, but I am not sure how. The ornaments on the tree must be just perfect. Not on the exact same branch as the year before, but just perfect so that each one dangles mostly freely, each has its own branch, they aren’t touching each other, they aren’t crowded, etc.

Well the temperature when we were on the phone was 31˚F outside. Well as of 3:30pm, the temperature had fallen to 30˚F. Let’s just say that they were predicting a high temperature of somewhere between 32-38˚F for today (depended on which weatherman/weather source you picked). So long higher temperature hopes for today as the temperature is officially on the descent. We have officially stayed below freezing for an entire day. We’re not supposed to be any warmer tomorrow. *sigh*

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