Frequent flier points?

So tonight I have decided that Andrew should be collecting frequent flier points for all his trips to urgent care in the last year.

The biggest trip was on July 4, 2009. The diagnosis, 2 broken toes with compression fractures. That was the very sharp impact that his toes made with the door frame at his grandmother’s house.

Then there was the trip around Thanksgiving. The diagnosis, intrusion injury with the toenail essentially cutting through the cuticle. Yes, that was gross. That required two trips a couple of days apart for a wound check due to the infection that had set in only a couple of days into the injury (hence the reason for the trip to urgent care).

Then there was a trip, at the end of the year before Christmas. The diagnosis, just a viral thing that was going around and not the flu that was going around. His flu test came back negative. We knew he had been exposed to at least 2 people with a positive flu test result so we wanted to make sure before it spread to all of us, including my 2 nieces and nephew.

Well, you’d think that would be enough…

But, no, Andrew felt like today would be a good day to go again. Thank goodness for the urgent care center that is actually contracted with our insurance because that makes it incredibly affordable comparatively speaking (compared to a full fledged emergency room). Let’s just say that they should start giving me frequent flier points because each of the boys have been in there for some reason or another since the place opened.

The injury this time? Possible broken toe. Let me preface this that I wouldn’t have even considered a trip to urgent care for this if it had not be one of the toes that he put the nasty breaks in a 6 short months ago. The fact that it was swelling and bruising was a little disconcerting, especially when combined with the complaints about the pulsing pain in the toe.

What was he doing? Well he had been sent to retrieve the scanner from my office so Ben could use it to do some things that he needed to do for Church. Not a big deal. You would think. Well Andrew stubbed his toe on the heavy metal chair in the office, tripped, and landed who knows where or how…all I heard was the thud. Yep, that was the $300 scanner hitting the floor. *gasp*

Fortunately, the scanner is fine. Nothing appears to be broken. Ben used it just fine. *wiping sweat off brow*

Fortunately, it appears that Andrew’s toe is NOT broken again. Of course, with the previous injury, the doctor wanted to be certain so they are having a radiologist specialist look at the x-rays for any hairline fractures that might be present. They will call me tomorrow if there are any to be found.

The not so good news? The doctor said that from looking at the x-rays, Andrew is about to hit a growth spurt. Evidently this can be seen on x-ray?!?! He said something about the growth plates and what not. Fortunately, the fracture missed the growth plate the last time. He wants Andrew to buddy splint the toe to the one next to it to keep it stable saying that another good stub could cause a break. So Andrew is put back in his post-op shoe which he has gotten some good mileage out of (he just likes it so much *insert sarcasm*) to help protect it. We even took in his post-op shoe so I wouldn’t have to pay for another one.

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