If you need to be there early…

So this morning Andrew reminded me that he needed to be to school early. He and his group need to finish their science project that they are working on. This is not the first I had heard of it since he did tell me last night and we wandered out to get the colors of paint he needed for finishing up the project. Alright, I’ll confess, the trip out was to find HIM [Andrew] mittens much to his dismay. It all worked nicely. We found him mittens and we got the stuff he needed for his project. It is all good.

But, I digress. So after he reminded me that he needed to be there early today and it was obvious that I had forgotten as I was making no attempt to crawl out from under the blanket I had curled up in and the laptop on my lap to warm it. Yep, still in my PJ’s. It was 7:30am, of course I was still in my pajamas. I quickly reminded him that if he needed to be to school early he had better wander his backside up the stairs and wake his brother up so he would be ready to go as well. Lance was still very much asleep at this point.

So off Andrew wanders to wake up Lance. I should mention that Lance does not always wake up gracefully when he is aroused before his body is ready for it. Needless to say, letting Lance sleep is in most people’s best interest. Andrew, however, needed to be to school badly enough that he was up for the task…

The door flies open. Then I hear him scrambling away from the door back into the game room, saying “my word it is freezing in there” as he sticks his head over the edge. I just look at him, laughing. “It is freezing in there, I’m going to leave the door open and stand here and wait for it to warm up a little bit.” Yep, I am rolling on the floor laughing at this point. OK, so I wasn’t rolling on the floor really, but I am laughing something good at this point.

I remind him that he really needed to wake his brother up so we could go and it would take a few minutes to get him ready.

Andrew braves the freezing cold room again. Lance’s bed is in corner furthest from the door. I should point out that the upstairs heater is set to hold at 70˚F which is well above my usual point of tolerance for the thermostat.

The head comes back over the edge and I hear, “Lance says that it is too cold get get out of bed.” Oh boy. The laughing starts all over as the sounds of wrestling between the bed, Andrew, Lance, and all the covers gets underway. I am not sure what they were doing, but evidently the need for Andrew to be to school early was bad enough that he was willing to wrestle his brother out of bed.

Kyle got out the door on time. In coat, sweatshirt, scarf, mittens, and knitted winter cap. His coat and sweatshirt also had hoods on them. Bundled up and out the door. I won’t mention that his coat was unzipped and he was complaining that he had to wear the sweatshirt.

Andrew is dressed in a t-shirt with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath it. He tried to pull the whole “I’m wearing a sweatshirt” card with his mother. Evidently, he doesn’t think that his mother knows the difference between a sweatshirt and a long sleeved t-shirt. Try again buddy! I bought him a sweatshirt last night because he could neither confirm nor deny that his sweatshirts fit and I could not remember seeing him wear them recently so couldn’t trust that they did. The child only didn’t have to wear his sweatshirt after much whining about how he’s already DIE-ing of heat exhaustion in his long sleeve shirt. Needless to say his mother will have little pity for him later when he says he was cold. At least he wore his coat and the mittens I got him. Never mind that the coat also was unzipped. What is it with boys and their inability to wear their coat zipped.

At least Lance is smart enough to know that if it is cold in his bedroom it must be cold enough for a sweater outside. He put on jeans and his tennis shoes and searches around for his sweater (hooded, zippered sweatshirt). He then puts on his mittens and his coat. Heck he even zips it up! Smart boy!

So yeah it is cold outside! Brrrr! By 9:20am, the temperature outside hadn’t gone up any. Well maybe a degree or so. Now the temperature is sitting about 26-27˚F. The wind is bone chilling. It is cold!

That being said, however, my downstairs heater had been set back to his normal temperature of 67˚ because it had gotten so stinking stuffy in the house. It was hot.

I have decided that my coat is not warm enough for this nonsense. It is just a wool coat. A nice wool coat that has no sort of wind protection whatsoever. It is cold when the wind blows. At least I have mittens to wear though. I did manage to get the last pair of mittens at Family Dollar yesterday shortly before noon. I had already been to Wal-mart, CVS (yes, I was desperate), and Walgreens. I was determined that I was going to get mittens. So when I found them in Family Dollar and they were burnt orange, I did NOT care! They were mittens. My hands weren’t going to be freezing anymore.

Note to self: Knit self a scarf.

Kyle has put in his request for a new scarf in any color (not pink) and a little softer so it won’t be so scratchy around his neck. Hmmmm. We’ll see what I can whip up.

For those of you who have not been into the new church building yet, you are in for a wonderful piece of eye candy on Sunday. The chapel is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It is gorgeous! That reminds me, I need to reconsider the contents of the church bag. Nothing wrong with it, per say, just needs to be revamped as it hasn’t been reevaluated anytime recently. Need to keep it fresh. Out with the old, in with the new!

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