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This post has been a long time coming, but I am making it now. It is long over-due. The wait, however, has been worth it…I almost completely done with the website I a doing for JJ Smith. It has totally transformed and is not recognizable as anything near the original intended website.

Last year I started working for JJ trying to design him a website for his interior decorating business. Things didn’t go very quickly at first. Then Hurricane Ike rolled through town and that slowed things down even more. Then you complicate it further with the slowing economy. Things nearly crawled to a complete stop.

Directions changed, however. If you want to survive sometimes you have to redirect your interests and purpose. This is exactly what JJ did. Instead of designing a website for an interior decorating business, we set out to design a website for his interview coaching business.

Initially, it was slow. It seemed the cards were stacked against us. Times were not lining up, scheduling meetings was nearly impossible, etc. You name, we had it. I actually ended up designing a full-page magazine ad for him first. He fell in love with the ad. I have to confess that I am pretty partial to it myself. I saw it in black & white and color and it looks fabulous in both versions! I love it!

I am glad to say that today, the site is almost completely finished. I still have a few things to finish up, but nothing major. I need to add another table of data, finish adding some pictures, add some valid links to articles written by JJ, and get some web tracking stuff set-up for it.

I am truly delighted with the results. If you are interested, check out JJ Smith at! While he has coached primarily pageant contestants, his skills can be applied to a variety of interviews. If you’re needing help nailing an interview, he is worth looking into. He’s extremely personable, up front, and truly a delight to converse with. Check him out!

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