Calling in sick!

So the past few days I hadn’t felt fabulous. Not awful but not great either. Fall allergy season is in full swing and has been for a while. I chalked it up to allergies. That’s what it is this time of year. The sinus headaches are pretty indicative of what is going on. They have been bad lately. The stuffiness had increased. No surprise there. Then the sore throat started. Again, no surprise when combined with stuffiness. This is normal for this time of year. NO BIG SURPRISE! ‘Tis the time of year…

Well, Sunday and Monday rolled around and I was more stuffy still. Ick! It is still manageable, but annoying.

Tuesday, rolled around and I couldn’t stop the runny nose. Nothing was working. I was starting to think that it might be a bit more than allergies.

Tuesday morning my sister and niece were diagnosed with Influenza A by the doctor (both tests came back positive). My sister said that she was feeling OK otherwise, not exceptionally sick. She chalked the headache up to another migraine and the stuffiness to allergies. Nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing that Katlynn complained about was the really bad headache and she came home from school on Monday afternoon with a 102˚F fever. Yikes!

So I went ahead and called the doctor’s office. I figured the worst is that I’d have to wait a couple of days for an appointment and it would either run its course or it would get worse. So I set my appointment for today at 2pm. I would take the appointment even if it was just for follow-up on the blood work and test that were run a few months ago.

Well I woke up this morning with the facial pain and the nasty goo in the nose. The runny nose was replaced by thick, sticky goo. I hate this phase! So I was glad that I had already scheduled my appointment because I was going to need it.

Sinus infection!

No surprise there, really. Repeat offender here. They happen. If you get to them soon enough they go away, if not you suffer and suffer and suffer some more. So I’ve started my antibiotics and hopefully will feel better in a couple of days.

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