It is still hot

It is still hot and dry.

Fortunately, we’re still on voluntary water restrictions but my grass doesn’t look like it has been watered…I’ve watered it every night for 30-60 minutes for the last 3 nights.

The truly sad part is that I am getting no run-off from the yard to the street watering that long. Makes me wonder how long my neighbors are watering because there is lots of water running in the streets from their watering attempts.

We were doing good until we got the rain a few days ago. The day we got it was my day to water so I didn’t worry about it as we got some good rainfall. I didn’t water the next day, but the day after the grass looked parched and it has looked parched ever since. That is not fair! Rain is supposed to improve the problem not make it worse.

So instead of following the odd day watering schedule for our address (voluntary anyway), I have watered my lawn for the last 3 nights. I hate watering at night to begin with, but this just totally makes it worse because you feel like you watered for no reason. There is no sign of progress.

Now if the weather would just cooperate and get us some much needed rain for several days in a row.

Our water bill was absolutely atrocious! Some how we went through some 19,000 gallons of water last month. This is with only watering every other day and for only 30-90 minutes at a time. I want to say that this is one of our highest water uses ever since we’ve been in the house.

Why can’t we just get some rain…I won’t complain. I didn’t complain at all the last time we got good rainfall. Cooler temperatures would be nice too…it is almost 9pm and we’re still at 94˚F outside…but I won’t press my luck. Rain will be plenty for now…


  1. We got a not so bad light bill, but we changed power companies so it did not increase as much as it would have due to our new lower rate. Our usage was up…way up…

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