A quest to dress

So Ann’s kids are in some serious need of dress shoes. Grandma volunteered to help out where needed. So dress shoes it is. You’d think that fitting 3 kids in shoes wouldn’t be that hard. Andrew decided he’d stay home. Everyone else loaded up in the car because we were “going to grandma’s house.”

Out we go. I like to cover as many stores in one parking lot as possible. Not so much for the gas savings, but for the sheer fact that I hate getting in and out of a hot car before the AC even has time to cool down the car a tad bit. So we wandered off to a Wal-mart that was in close proximity of a Payless Shoe store – 2920 and Kuykendahl. The only other specification was that the Wal-mart was not under going renovations/remodeling. So that was the store of choice. Off we went.

Wal-mart was a complete bust! I mean, complete! I find this disappointing and sad at the same time. I mean, I am a deal shopper and I still like quality all at the same time. I also have a problem spending a lot of money on shoes that will be quickly out grown when something cheap to get them by is sufficient for the current needs. The kids have all done some growing this summer. Andrew hasn’t slowed down since his growth sprouts earlier this year. So a lot of money is not what I want to be shelling out on my own kids. It is certainly not what I want my mother to be shelling out on the 3 that are growing and in need.

We walk to Payless as it is only across the parking lot. Guess who was complaining? Nope, it wasn’t the melting older people in the group (me and mom), it was the young folks. COME ON LITTLE ONES it wasn’t even that hot. It was hot, but we’ve had lots of hot and you’ve been out riding bikes in 104˚F temperatures, 90-95˚F temperatures are not going to kill you.

Payless only had 1 redeeming feature. OK so they had 2 pluses. First, they were cool. Yes, you could feel the cold air rushing out when you opened the door. Yay! And second, we were able to find Darin a pair of simple, plane dress shoes. Yes! One child down, 2 more to go. I have to say that there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from, but there was enough that finding “something simple” shouldn’t have been a challenge. Well then you throw in the infamous hard to fit foot that we supposedly all inherited from my mom. OK, so I don’t have mom’s foot, but it is still notoriously hard to fit. We’ll blame it all on mom today.

So we’re trying to decide where to go from there. I mean, besides the mall what kind of shoe stores are there really? Not many to be real honest with you. Off to DSW. At least we’d be able to get Victoria taken care of as she’s in a woman’s shoe size. It was to the point that we were literally handing her ever shoe on the aisle for her to try on. She probably tried on something close to 80 pairs of shoes. Every single one of them had something wrong with them. Now, I have to give her some credit here…some of them were seriously ugly and some even looked seriously uncomfortable. Total bust.

Then down the street to Target. HOPING that we’d find something. Well it wasn’t a total bust. It wasn’t a total win either. We did manage to find a pair of shoes for Brianna that she liked and that were cute, fairly simple, and would go with most things. They were a little big, but not so big that I wouldn’t be comfortable with her wearing them. Grandma said she was fine with them if she was fine with them. So we got those for her. Two kids down. One more to go.

At this point, we’re pretty much done and wander home…some 5 hours after we started…

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