You can only put it off so long

When it comes to the grocery store, you can only put it off so long. Alright, so *I* can only put it off so long. Today it happens to be Tuesday night. Yes, another late night at the grocery store.

I stopped at Kroger with Andrew and Kyle on the way home from karate to get the few things I needed from there. Mostly, we needed milk if nothing else. I didn’t do too bad. I had things in the cart that were not on my list: bread and tortillas.

Once I was home, I finished pulling the remaining coupons I needed for my list at Randall’s. Off I went. I did pretty good. I again, got things that were not on my list. It isn’t like me to deviate too badly from the list, but sometimes it does happen. I even got some deals that were not expected.

I have to confess that I bought another 48 “double” rolls of toilet paper. *gasp* I swear I have a fetish or something with toilet paper. No, really I will just have 3 more people in the house wiping their bottoms every so often. One can never go wrong with too much toilet paper. There are plenty of things that I can think of to do with toilet paper. We will not wander past that statement and we certainly won’t delve into it in depth.

I really need peanut butter to go on sale. This week we did have Skippy. I picked up 3 jars of it. Next week I believe is Peter Pan. I’ll pick up more. I know that the kids will eat it faster than I can keep it in the house if I don’t get to stocking up on it soon.

I’ll report back with my finds…

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