June already?

I can’t believe that it is June already.

June brings several things…(in no particular order)…

• Hurricane Season
• End of the school year
• Father’s Day
• Hot weather

Now, I won’t lie to you that I only look forward to one of those. Guess which one. Ben, however, has already gotten his Father’s Day gift. The boys might go and get him something small, but he’s gotten his gift. I might be nice and make him a nice dinner.

The hot weather is inevitable. We’re already hitting 90˚F outside. At least this summer we’re going in with new coils in our air conditioners. I can’t say if it has helped a whole lot or not…yet…We’ve already changed our electric provider (thanks to deregulation we can pick who we pay for the power). We are just waiting for the change to go through, hopefully in this next billing cycle. We were paying 14.9¢ per kilowatt hour but our new rate is 10.9¢ for the next 12 months.

I can’t believe that it is already down to the final week of school. How can it possibly be that time of year already? *gasp* Four more days of school…

Hurricane Season is one of those things. People really complain about it, but I like to take it in stride. June isn’t that bad of a month to begin with as far as hurricanes are concerned. We typically see more activity later in the season. I can honestly say that I am not that worried about it. I am not. We survived Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 and we survived Hurricane Ike last fall (September 2008). There is absolute truth in the principles behind “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” That being said, do I want to take on another Ike? Oh heck no. I just know that little by little we’ve learned what we need and how to cope. We’ve slowly been collecting items of preparedness. I’ve already started my hurricane season stock up on certain items. We aren’t perfect in any way, but I know that things will work out just fine come whatever hurricane seasons yields.

Today, I spent the morning cleaning the shower stall in our master bathroom. It needs to be recaulked and regrouted in some places. This requires extensive scrubbing in an attempt to take care of all the soap scum, hard water stains, etc. I found a nice product at Home Depot that was incredibly cheap that works quite nicely. It is a ZEP product and while it isn’t perfect (is there anything that works perfectly on this?), it did work nicely.

The whole shower adventure is a multi-step process. Clean. Strip caulk. Scrap out grout. Clean. Clean. Clean. Thank goodness for a shop vac. Patching Grout. Let dry. Caulking. Let sit for 72 hours. Clean. The fun part is that when I am done with this one, there is one spot in the upstairs bathroom that needs the grout patching done. So we then take that shower off-line for a week while I slowly work on it as I have time.

Time? What’s that?

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