Are you ever ready for things like this?

So I went shopping yesterday because I needed to get things ready for when my nieces and nephew come for the summer. I especially needed to stock up on things that kids go through quickly – cereal, bread, yogurt, eggs, and the list can go on. Of course, I bought some more toilet paper. I am sure you all think I have fallen off my rocker. I haven’t, I assure you.

Yesterday’s trip to the grocery store was a good trip. I came home with:

6 gallons of milk
10 cans of chili (without beans)
2 canisters of lemonade mix (makes 8 quarts each)
2 cartons of eggs (18 count each)
1 packages of tortillas (20 count)
3 packages of lunch meat (9 ounces each)
5 loaves of split top wheat bread
8 small packages of chicken nuggets/strips
2 packages of D sized batteries (name brand, 4 pack each)
1 package of C sized batteries (name brand, 4 pack)
3 bags of baby peeled carrots (1# each)
3 multi-packs of mac & cheese (5 boxes in each pack)
3 boxes of drink pouches (10 count each)
3 jars of peanut butter (18 ounces)
12 boxes of cereal (name brand)
2 cartons of ice cream (1.5 quarts each)
2 packages of paper plates (50 count each)
4 tubs of pre-made BBQ (beef, shredded)
4 frozen microwavable steamer meals
5# of chicken legs
2 bags of chicken nuggets
2 bags of buffalo chicken nuggets
2 large packages of toilet paper (name brand, 24 rolls each)

All together it cost me $163 and a nickle!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of school. WOW!

Friday, the nieces and nephew will be here. Sudden change of plans. I spent a couple of hours cleaning in the game room this evening. Moved the shelving around to create a little room for the girl’s to sleep in. It isn’t totally private space, but it is space for just them. I will put my nephew in Lance’s room.

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