I survived

I survived the first full day with 6 kids. Now in all fairness, I only had to supervise 5 of them. They didn’t kill each other. There was a little torture (not caused by me), but no death and destruction.

Ben took Andrew and Andrew’s gear with him this morning to the Family History Center to help him with some of the computer stuff that needed to be done. They got done early so took my mini-van to get the oil changed. I now have a mini-van with synthetic oil in it. This pleases me because I drive A LOT and an oil change doesn’t last long. They got the car “road trip” ready because Ben will be taking it with him to Scout Camp when he goes up on Thursday to fill in for one of the leaders.

They still had time to spare so came back home. I delivered Andrew back to the church about 2pm for their trek up to Scout Camp. It is hard to believe that I’ve got a child old enough to attend Scout Camp.

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