I am sure something else could have gone wrong

This morning got off to a rough start. Either Victoria or Andrew did not turn the washing machine on after adding their swimsuit and swimming towel to it. Since I was not at home for very long during the afternoon and got lost in the evening activities, I didn’t get them moved to the dryer either. Didn’t matter since they didn’t get washed anyway, but at least I would have been able to start them. I fell asleep on the couch watching NCIS last night and thus the clothes again did not get put in the dryer.

So this morning about 7:10am I am standing in the shower and I remember that the clothes had not been moved to the dryer. I wasn’t too worried. We had towels for everyone that they had used to shower that were hanging and dry. I also knew that the swim suits would not be soaking wet, just damp.

About 7:25am after I get out of the shower, I instruct Victoria to dig all the swim suits out of the washer. I tell Andrew to go gather the hanging towels.

Remember, I had instructed them to turn the washer on so I thought that these swim suits would just be damp. Little did I know…

So I hear, “Darin’s swimming suit is dripping wet.” I still haven’t clued in that the washer hadn’t been run and call back that they shouldn’t be that well. Well, they were. I went to go look. Evidently, you aren’t clued in enough at 11 years old to not pull a dripping wet swim suit out of the washer and hand it to a younger child. A whole lot of not being clued in going on here! So there is a puddle of water on the floor now.

Having checked the washer now at this point. Nope, the older 2 children have not done as they were told. So not only do we have sopping wet swim suits, we have soapy and sopping wet swim suits.

No need to panic. We still have a few minutes. It takes 12-13 minutes to get to Klein Collins High School from the house, 15 minutes with traffic and the stupid single car light by the school. Lessons don’t start until 8:10am. We have time. I move the washer all the way to rinse so that it will at least rinse the soap out of the clothes and run the spin cycle to get the excess water out. Immediate problem solved.

I have the kids gather everything else that needs to be gathered – goggles, towels, white t-shirts, flip flops. As soon as the washer is finished I have them suit up and get their pile of stuff and we’re out the door.

We are only a couple of minutes later. *wiping sweat from brow* Not a huge deal, they just fall right into line and they wait their turn to go through whatever they are doing right then. It is all good.

Oh, I instructed Victoria to make sure that when the washer was finished running that the clothes got put into the dryer and turned on with a dryer sheet. I started the towels and remaining 2 swim suits in the washer to wash before I left. We’ll see if they fall directions this time. Maybe I’ll send Ben a text message in a few minutes to remind Victoria to do what I asked her to do.

Happy moments!

In spite of the rocky start to the morning, I just got the happy moment of the day. It is going to be hard to beat, but the day is still young. Lance jumped off the diving board into 12 feet of pool water with little or no hesitation!

I was sitting in the hallway working on editing karate videos and while the capture and encoding process was running, I stood up to look in to see how Darin and Lance were doing in class. The class is walking to the deep end of the pool. Then they started to line up for the diving board. *raised eyebrow* Lance is 3rd person in line. The first jumped. The second jumped. Then Lance SLOWLY inches to the end of the board. I seriously thought he was going to chicken out. He looked a little scared standing there on the end. But he JUMPED!!! He also swam to the edge of the pool with help. He’s not a very good swimmer yet (he’s just now learning), but the teacher was there to help him along.

Lance jumped off the diving board! Lance jumped off the diving board! *happy dance*

Darin jumped off the diving board as well.

They were so excited to come out into the hallway where I was waiting to tell me all about the diving board. Evidently that was the highlight of their day.

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