A small relief

We made it through the first week of swimming lessons yesterday. Woohoo! I am still happy that we were able to find lessons at such a great price. I truly appreciate the Klein School District for providing their pools for such services. Since the pool at Klein Collins High School is 100% indoors, it makes lessons way more tolerable. It can be mighty hot even at 8 AM!

Sally took the boys today. I normally am not a huge fan of these trips. Not that I don’t like Sally or her taking the boys (it has nothing to do with that), just that they are at her convenience not mine. It isn’t anything other than that. This time, however, I have to confess, I am looking at the over night stay at Sitty’s house a bit differently. After having the nieces and nephew here for 3 weeks at this point, I am totally seeing this as a nice relief trip for the boys. Time to themselves again. Time for just them. They are going to go to the museum and see the dinosaurs and the terra cotta warriors. They are going to see the movie Night at the Museum II on the museum’s big I-Max screen. Then they are sleeping over at her house. There is no telling what else they will do. They were truly spoiled this time as Sitty and Uncle Paul came to get them in the Beamer.

Today was a hot day. Really hot. We are in serious need of some rain. The temperatures are pushing the century mark and we haven’t seen any significant rain in something like 5-6 weeks. They said on the news that we’ve had 30 some odd consecutive days without rain in the Greater Houston area. We seriously need some rain. Even running the sprinklers at this point only do so much to protect the foliage from impending dryness. Our neighborhood has posted signs issuing a voluntary even-odd watering schedule. Our house number is an odd address so we would water on the odd days of the month. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten this far as long as we’ve lived in the house here.

I took Victoria, Brianna, and Darin to the library today. I don’t typically do libraries. I don’t mind them. I just don’t enjoy them when I have to supervise children and try to find something to read. I did browse a little bit. I found a book on Scouting for Andrew for his summer research paper (assigned by daddy) and helped Victoria find a book on Ice Skating for her like research paper. Needless to say, the library always seems to be an open invitation for at least one child to break out running around and laughing and having a good time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am glad that they enjoy the library, but there is a time and place for everything and this is not the place for rough housing. Needless to say I had to get onto both Brianna and Darin. I would have thought Brianna would know better. Evidently this is not taught to 8 or 9 year olds because Lance and Kyle do the same thing. Fortunately, the children’s section of the library is completely closed off from the rest of the “quiet” library so disruptions like such are tolerated. Still, I think that by 6 and 8 years of age, walking and whispering in the library should be something that is understood.

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