Busy is as busy does

Another day of swimming and piano lessons today. The swimming lessons are what they are. Not much to say there.

OK, so I do have something to say about swimming lessons. Today, Kyle jumped off the diving board. This is a big deal because Kyle is still very hesitant in the water. In the past he’s gotten up on the board and turned around and walked back off. Rarely will he build up enough courage to jump. But he jumped! He jumped! I am not sure that he “dove” as I didn’t see it happen. He did tell me that he jumped off though.

Victoria started piano lessons today. Her “first” lesson didn’t take as long as Brianna’s lesson did yesterday because she has had some exposure to the piano at school where Brianna was starting fresh. Of course Jennifer Nix warned me that it would be mundanely boring for Victoria but there are some very important concepts in the beginner books that she needs to know. So she is using the same level book as Brianna but she should be done with them in 2-3 weeks.

Victoria went to Achievement Day this evening. She has glad to tell me about how they did facial stuff and she enjoyed it.

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