why do they do that to parents?

So a couple of months ago (or so, I can’t remember) I bought Lance a bike helmet so he could upgrade from the plastic 3 wheeler in the back yard to the 16″ bike with training wheels in the driveway. I wasn’t intending on spending very much on a helmet, especially for a child that is growing like Lance is. The truth is that they grow so quickly so it seems irrational to spend more than $10-15 on a helmet they won’t wear very long.

Naturally, when I am standing in Wal-mart where you should be able to find a simple and cheap bike helmet…I really didn’t think that I was asking for much…I am bombarded with plenty of helmets to choose from and in all different price ranges. I wanted to spend $10 this particular day. That’s it. Nothing more, although I was willing to go for less. They didn’t have any of the $9.88 helmets in his size. *sigh*

Oh well, $10 is a guideline and already know that I don’t want to spend more than $15. I knew that walking into the store. This was a spur of the moment kind of purchase. Something necessary obviously, but still spontaneous and unplanned.

The ONLY helmets they had in his size (remember he’s only 4.5) are the ones that are bundled with the stupid knee pads and elbow pads. This is a bike for crying out loud! I am not letting him get on a skate board. I am not putting him roller skates. I am putting him on a bike with training wheels. Yes, I realize that he can still fall over even with the training wheels…he’s proven that many times already.

Now these sets were only $11. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Fortunately, they had a Transformers helmet to go along with all the pink and princess sets. I’ve got what I needed.

But alas, to this day, Lance CANNOT get on the 16″ bike with training wheels without putting on the stupid elbow pads and knee pads. I don’t know. Maybe kids are bred to inherently know what those things are. He wanted them as soon as they came out of the package and he immediately tried to put them on. It was cute at first. He was all about how it was “safe” and whatnot. Now it is “but I’ll fall over” if he doesn’t have them on. The fact is, he’ll fall over if he has them on or not. Plain and simple.

Curse those helmet manufacturers that put them in the packaging with the helmets. I mean, these aren’t even quality knee and elbow pads. They are cheap, they aren’t very form fitting, and the elastic doesn’t fit. They serve no useful purpose except the get scratched and make the child look absolutely hilarious.

Needless to say I am sitting outside while Lance goes “bike riding” in the driveway. He’s been begging for two weeks.

I have already turned on the sprinklers on the trees – just a drip. I have also tidied up the corner in the garage by the entry door into the house. Just restacked a few things that were there. Discovered that we need to “find” two of the knobs for the bike rack that goes on Ben’s car. I am hoping that I can order these if necessary. I’ll be royally ticked off if we can’t. We might be able to find something else to replace them, I hope.

Lance is as happy as can be. He loves that bike. He really needs a bigger one, but I don’t see getting another “training wheel friendly” bike just for him when we have a perfectly good 20″ bike already in the garage that he will be ready for before too long. Ooops, he just managed to take a spill on the sidewalk. I’d rather invest the money on bikes for the older two boys who will be able to use them longer.

My sinuses will be as angry as can be a few hours from now. I am not a fan of going outside on any Spring day in Houston or elsewhere once the Spring blooming has started.

At least the weather is BEAUTIFUL! By beautiful, I don’t mean the prettiest Spring day you’ve ever seen. I simply mean that the temperature isn’t too bad, yet. It is currently 73˚F and the wind is a blowing something good. There is a wonderful gray cloud overcast that the bright sun occasionally breaks through and fakes out the “ambient light” sensor on my laptop. Oh, behind this gray cloud overcast is a beautful BLUE sky. Maybe we will get some rain this afternoon like they predicted. I won’t hold my breath though.

I guess I should just be glad that he’s forgotten about the bubbles.

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