I forgot about that

So much for getting away with no “blowing bubbles” today. Lance finally decided after lunch that he had waited long enough. Since the sprinklers were off, I sent him out with the stuff in the back yard. I figured he’d come back in before too long with an empty bottle and complaining about how he needed “more bubbles, please.”

He was out for a while. Not unusual, but longer than normal for bubbles. He finally does come in and declares “I need a bath.” *gasp* This can’t be good…ever…

One look at him and how quickly I was reminded about his impossible to resist urge to climb in every sandbox or resemblance thereof. *sigh* He is covered from toe to knee with this thick, muddy, sandy goop. His hands are covered too. *wince* He is standing on my kitchen rug (after he’s walked across another rug and part of the floor) and he touched the door to open and close it. UGH!

I sent him back out to play in the sprinkler. *laugh* He’s now soaking wet, but at least he’s not covered in sandy mud.

Mental note to self: get more sand for the sandbox.

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