6-pack, 4-pack, belly-pack

I wasn’t sure this was going to be a good morning or not. I fell asleep on the couch again last night. I was up watching TV and I don’t remember when I fell asleep. I don’t remember a thing, actually. I fell asleep plain and simple. I woke up about 2am-ish and moved my then aching body to bed.

Lance woke me up this morning asking me if he could blow bubbles – right then! UGH! It is 6:30 in the freaking morning! I told him that he could blow bubbles later and off he wandered. The cello music isn’t sounding as “right on” as it has in the past, so I am guessing that Andrew is trying to work on something he learned in his private lesson last night. Then Ben came in. He really needs to shave. We’ll leave it at that.

So I wander to the recliner to watch the news and make sure the older two boys get out the door for the school bus on time. Lance proceeds to beg to watch a movie – Franklin and the Green Knight. UGH! Not at 7am!

Lance and Andrew are picking on each other. This is always funny. Andrew plays along until Lance gives him a good whack in the nuts. Mostly this is because Lance is then laughing about how he “hit Andrew in the coin.” *laugh* It is pretty funny so long as you aren’t the one doubled over in pain, I suppose. This morning we didn’t have any groin incidents.

Lance saw his favorite “robot” long sleeved shirt in the folded laundry on the ottoman in the living room. He then insisted that he needed to change his shirt to wear it. I love this shirt, by the way. It is cute. Of course it is cute, I bought it! The thing is, however, I bought it a while ago…it has been through THREE boys now. Longevity is a good thing especially when you can stand to look at it still while it is on the third child’s body, but alas I digress.

So Lance is now shirtless and terrorizing Andrew. He really just wants Andrew to play with him, but that is beside the point. Andrew was poking Lance in the belly. Lance was laughing. I look over and see Lance sitting on the edge of the couch with his chest puffed out and his belly sucked in and Andrew’s finger stuck in Lance’s bellybutton. Lance is of course laughing hysterically, “My bellybutton bit your finger.” Who can’t laugh at that? *laugh*

Of course it can’t just stop there…

Let me preface this next situation with the fact that Andrew does have a 6-pack belly. After 6 years of karate training, I would hope so anyway. That’s what makes this all the funnier. Andrew is looking at Lance’s still naked belly…after he’s managed to get it out of the bellybuttons chomped down mouth…I hear Andrew saying, “I think he’s got a 4-pack, look at this…” I have raised an eyebrow at this point and can’t help but grin. Lance can’t just take this quietly mind you with his boisterous “no I have one big belly pack.” *laugh*

Never a dull moment in this house.

We have a 30% chance of precipitation (rain) this afternoon, but with recent trends even a 70% chance of rain yields nothing to get too excited about. I wasn’t taking any chances today. I’ll take my chances tomorrow when there is a 70% chance of rain. The sprinklers have already run this morning. Lance threw a fit because I wouldn’t let him go out and turn on the front sprinklers. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I told Andrew to turn them on when he went out to catch the bus. Evidently, however, to Lance this was a big deal. Melt-down ensued until I reminded him that I would need someone to turn them off in a little while and Andrew would be gone.

The truth is that I didn’t want him out in the front yard until after the elementary school bus had picked up the kids across the street. I knew that Lance would get distracted with the fact that Kyle is across the street with other kids that look like they are having a lot of fun (there is no such thing as quiet at this bus stop even at 7-7:30am). You get several boys (it is all boys until next year I think) together and noise is inevitable regardless of who is trying to sleep in the houses around them.

Lance did go out and turn on the back sprinkler for me. I am not sure that was the best idea for him…he came in “wet” and begging to blow bubbles. *sigh* Darn that Easter Bunny for bringing bubbles! I might as well concede to letting him play in the sprinkler when it is 57˚F outside, right. NOT! I did assure him that I’d let him blow bubbles later today, but he had to have breakfast first and he had to wait until after the sprinklers had been turned off.

He was so excited when I sent him out to turn off the front sprinklers. Woohoo! Grass watered for the day. I might go out and water the trees in a little while, but not until later probably.

Now we’re watching Franklin and the Green Knight. I am sure bubbles will be next.

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