Thank you, Victoria

It is no secret that I hate matching socks. In a house full of boys where everyone likes the same kind of socks there is absolutely NO variety. That alone is not necessarily bad as it makes matching socks a tad easier. However, there is always the miscellaneous pairs of socks that don’t match the others and those that somehow never ever find their mates again. Back to the point…I hate matching and folding socks! How boring!

Once you’ve got the socks matched and folded they have to be put away. That means remembering which child wears the socks with the gray toes and heals and those with the all white and the ones with the black lines and the gray lines and…ugh! Lance is safe because his socks are obviously smaller. Ben is safe because his socks are obviously different.

The other two, however, leave nothing but frustration in the sock department. I throw them in a basket when I fold their clothes and tell them to CLAIM their socks. Still those socks remain in that basket. At the end of the school week there are noticeably fewer socks in the basket and noticeably more socks that have gone through the wash all week.

Anyway, Victoria (my oldest niece) took the time and matched 2 laundry baskets of unmatched socks for me. Oh how wonderful she is! She also swept my dining room floor and vacuumed the living room floor. Thank you, Victoria!

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