Happy Easter!

Today was a day with family. We started the day with an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. Because of the weather we did the hunt in doors so to help control (1) the number of eggs, (2) the amount of candy, and (3) the amount of chaos we did a scavenger hunt. The kids had fun. We learned something with this experience as well. Since this was a last minute kind of thing (due to weather), it is OK to learn things as you go. For one thing the younger kids had a hard time with it. They just didn’t understand. The clues were riddles and they didn’t always understand them. So next year for the younger ones we’ll do picture clues and they will have their own scavenger hunt. Clues kind of like “blues clues” clues so that they still have to think but can figure them out. I do have to say that both of the younger ones figure out at least 1 clue each. It was fun to watch the kids run around and go in the totally wrong direction! *laugh* My younger siblings, Jennifer and Jonathan, are responsible for hiding all eggs next year. *evil laugh*

Then we were off to church. I want to say how impressed I was of all 7 kids for sitting and being mostly quiet. I had one incident with Lance where he was having a melt down because he had to go to the potty during the passing of the sacrament. It was quickly extinguished and I toted him out of the chapel. All in all, the kids were wonderful together, even the 4 kids that sat on the row by themselves. We took up 3 side rows in the chapel. They are NEVER quiet when they are together…even when they are putting food in their mouths…but they did sit quietly during church. Go kids!

Then it was back to mom’s for dinner. Yummy ham and homemade mashed potatoes (the real thing). Oh there were rolls, broccoli, and corn too. Oh and the green bean casserole that we forgot to pull out of the oven. *laugh* The best part is the pie. YUMMY! Who needs dinner when they have pie? *shrug*

It was a long day, but the kids had fun. OK, I’ll confess, I had fun.

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