Spring is still here

Why can’t Spring just go away? The rain this weekend was inadequate in knocking the miserable pollen out of the air. This morning I woke up and nursed a sinus headache – throbbing – all day long. Fortunately, it did let up a bit by evening time.

This evening I got up the nerves to walk into the scrapbook shop next to the boys’ karate place and inquire about the interest they’ve had about digital scrapbooking. The end result wasn’t what I was hoping for but I did go in and ask. I had been wanting to since before Christmas. I am slow, OK. Anyway, the economy has effected them as well. They aren’t closing up shop, but they are moving to a smaller shop in the center. *sigh* They aren’t interested in the digital aspects even though she was well aware of it. She said they had tried introducing it to customers a while back but it ended up being a losing proposition for them after about 9 months and they haven’t had any real interest since.

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