Maybe I shouldn’t have printed that

So a couple of days ago I printed several “sample chapters” from a handful of various books that I have had my eyes on. I have a book habit, I can’t help it.

I printed one in particular and I ate it up in no time flat. I started it while I was sitting in TGIF Hair Cutters with the boys that afternoon – they were in BAD BAD BAD need of hair cuts. I think I made it through the preface and part of chapter 1 as we were in the hair place for about an hour. Then I finished it up sitting in the car Wednesday night waiting for Andrew and his church youth activity. I finished it and still had more than ample time to sit and knit.

The sample included the preface, table of contents, index, and 3 of the chapters.

All I can say is I want that book now. *sigh* I knew this was likely to happen. In all fairness, however, I have gotten a sample before and have not been as interested in it afterward. So these samples can work both ways.

It was a fairly quick ready actually. It was insightful. It wasn’t a lecture on how to or what not to do, but it was a general book on how to go about doing various things and still think outside the box so to speak.

So I’ll add this one to my wish list: Sexy Web Design: Creating Interfaces that Work (Elliot Jay Stocks)

I’d tell you that I have not added it to my Amazon shopping cart yet, but then I’d be lying to you. In all fairness, I have not hit “check out” yet. It will probably sit in my shopping cart for weeks and/or months…But if anyone wants to know what to get me, that is 1 suggestion…

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