At least it will be back to normal

So Andrew hasn’t been wearing his glasses in 2 years. As of today, that will not be the case. He has never had awful vision. At one point he only had correction in one eye. He’s gone from slightly near sighted to far sighted to “auto focus” to far sighted again. He has been able to focus everything and see just fine, his eyes were working around the clock (essentially) to compensate. The eye doctor compared it to a camera that is in auto focus. Since I knew 2 years ago that he needed glasses for the slight correction, I wasn’t surprised when Andrew announced earlier this week that he was having problems reading the sheet music when he’s trying to play the cello and piano. So I went ahead and scheduled him an eye exam to bring his prescription up to date. He’s officially back in glasses “as needed” but was given advise that eyes on auto focus never rest and tired eyes don’t see as well as they should. She he’s being a good spirit about it. He looks so cute in glasses. He’s quite stunning.

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