Over reacting, a little?

So Kyle and I were having a discussion about how he should really practice the piano in the morning before he goes to school. We insist that Andrew practice both the piano and the cello before school since he goes so much later now. It is working nicely. I want Kyle to try it. I mean, he’s up at 6am. He leaves to walk across the street to the bus stop at 7:30am (there about, maybe a few before that). The only things he has to do in the morning are: get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, make lunch, brush teeth and hair, gather backpack with lunch box, walk out door. I am not sure how this takes 1.5 hours so I don’t think that asking him to fit 30 minutes of piano practice in there is too far fetched. Right? Heck, I’d let it slide if he’d just give me 15-20 minutes of constant practice instead of 30 minutes with 15 minutes of wasted time in it. He did finally agree to try it for a week.

I even went so far as to suggest the he try working on his homework on the school bus on the way home from school. *gasp* Don’t worry, the bus will not make his handwriting any worse than it already is. The next thing that he said was what made really scratch my head. “We can’t have pencils out on the bus.” WHAT?!?! Well upon digging (asking questions and listening to the boys’ responses), evidently someone had a pencil and sat on it and started bleeding all over the place and they haven’t been allowed to have pencils on the bus ever since. Evidently this incidence happened a couple of years ago.

Now, get this, Andrew’s response to Kyle’s not being able to use a pencil was, “that’s what erasable pens are for, not that we have any, but you could.” *raised eyebrow* They can’t use a pencil, but they can use a ball point pen? I don’t get it. Someone could sit on a pen and start bleeding all over the place too. I guess, if you try hard enough. I mean, come on!

Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised as Andrew can’t carry a backpack from class to class at the junior high. *rolling eyes* We have managed to lose 2 personal books, a library book, and something else (can’t remember what)…

I think this is simply ludicrous. OK, I know they are trying to look out for the safety of my children, but COME ON! There is a point where it is just stupid. A pencil will not hurt someone any more than if they were sitting on the couch and lay it down and come back and sit on it. If someone wanted to hurt themselves or someone else with a pencil, it wouldn’t take much…it is a pointed object after all. This was an accident from the sounds of it. Can’t we just let an accident be just that, an accident?

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