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I gave up on trying to go to the grocery store today. I just wasn’t feeling it. I had to run to the bank while Andrew and Kyle were in karate so I drove across the street from the bank to the Wal-mart.

I got the things we needed:

• 12 roll pack of Quilted Northern toilet paper – pretty essential if you ask me
• bottled water – boys put that in their lunches with a drink mix packet (love those singles and they are so cheap at HEB)
• 18 large eggs
• 3 loaves of bread – wheat of course!
• 4 gallons of milk – we usually go through 6 gallons of milk each week, but with everyone being sick I still had 3 left in the fridge (rarely happens, but it is run over from the 4 gallons I had left a week ago)
• Hefty “The Gripper” garbage bags – there are no other garbage bags that I like in my garbage can (your mileage may vary)
• Sandwich bags – Wal-mart brand as we go through a lot so cheap is prefered
• Bounce dryer sheets – small box as they are expensive and I am not 100% out, just running low
• 12 (6oz) cartons of Yoplait yogurt – 8 orange creme and 4 key lime pie (don’t ask)
* 2 Simly Jif peanut butter – smaller jars (without nuts)
• 1 package of 20 tortillas
• 2 wheels of cheese wedges (the creamy swiss thingies)
* 1 bag of Hormel pepperoni – it was there, it was a large bag, and it was on sale (what can I say?)
* 2 boxes of cereal – Cheerios and Lucky Charms (not what I like to pay for cereal but I eat the Cheerios and Lance wanted Lucky Charms)

I probably could have done better price wise if I had taken the coupons with me as I did have them for the cereal, toilet paper, and yogurt. Still, I only spent $73 and change so well under budget again. The truth is, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. I was just tired. I just don’t feel good. I needed those things (well maybe not the cereal or the pepperoni but we go through it so quickly) and I was done trying to find motivation. I was there. Wal-mart was there. I was out. I didn’t have kids (Lance was at Grandma’s house). I had to fight traffic getting out of the parking lot so might as well put up enough fight to get all the way across the street to the Wal-mart parking lot. I could get everything in one place and stop on the way by the house to drop everything off instead of keeping it in “freezer bags” for 2 hours waiting for the boys’ to finish at karate. Done!

I made it through…

So I made it through the first cycle on the lace work knitting pattern. *wiping sweat off brow* Lace is a lot of work. I managed to make it through rows 1 through 56 tonight. I have to say that it is starting to look like something – like lace! That makes me very happy. I am pleased with how it is looking now that I have figured all the stitche patterns out.

Of course, this is going to be SLOW work to do an entire tablecloth. I am not sure how big the tablecloth will be either. I am thinking square, so not huge. This is definitely something that will have to be blocked when I am done with it, so not even instant gratification. *sigh*

I think I might switch back and forth between sampler afghan squares and this lace stuff. I also want to try my hand at knitting up these teddy bears that were in the same Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine where the baby sweater pattern was. They are CUTE! I have a weakness for teddy bears. I confess! But they are 24″ bears and there are patterns for a variety of holiday and/or special event sweaters that go on the bear. Cute, cute, cute! I haven’t found the yarn that they recommend and I haven’t been anywhere to find the similar “yarn weight” (6, super bulky) but I think I am going to try it with the size 5 (bulky weight) yarn I already have and see how it works up. If I get into finishing one part of it and find I don’t like it, I can always abandon it and look for the pattern appropriate weight.

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