What a day

So the day started with another headache. Lance is complaining as well, so it isn’t just me. There is so much stuff in the air right now with all the pollen. I’d just like for the cough to go away. I can deal with the rest of it, but the gagging cough and drainage down my throat has got to go.

I got a call from a friend this morning asking if I would teach the mid-week activity class tomorrow morning for Relief Society. We’re doing crochet. I am sure that I can totally handle this. *panic* No, seriously, piece of cake. Maybe! I found a nice website that had some efficient tutorials on it in print with plenty of pictures. Some of them even show how to achieve “proper form” if you are right or left-handed. That is nice. It would have been kind of funny to watch me try and teach someone who is left-handed how to crochet as I have never done it. I’ll print out a handful of them tomorrow and have them ready. I need to pick a pattern that will be ideal for the beginner. She suggested a dishcloth. I say, “how boring!” Come on, who wants to think about a chore while they’re working on a new hobby. Anyway, this is a totally basic class so something super easy is in order for tomorrow. It will probably be a dishcloth. *laugh* We don’t have to call it a dishcloth, however. A square is a square and a square can be used for a variety of things when combined with other squares. There! So, crochet class at my house at 10am tomorrow morning. Bring your own supplies (hook and yarn).

As a result of this I needed to tidy up a bit. Since I don’t know who is coming, I don’t know how many kids there will be here. I don’t have a problem with kids coming…not at all…I can tolerate them though I’ll probably throw back a couple of Diet Cokes afterward. The problem is that my house is NO LONGER BABY PROOF! *sigh* So I needed to at least make some areas “baby safe” in the house. I focused on the office and some on the living room. I’ll finish tidying up the living room in the morning.

I did a bit more organization in my office this afternoon. I emptied 2 boxes. Go me! Ok, so one of them was a small box…Still 2 less boxes. Of course, it was in one box (that I did not empty) where I found the emotions. It has been a while since I’ve had a tear come to my eyes. This was the box of pictures that have not been hung back on the walls since we moved from Bryan to Houston (yes, some 7 years later). I was doing just fine until I found the picture of my Grandma and Grandpa Adams. *whimper* It has been 18.5 and 13 years respectively since their passing. I still miss them terribly. I didn’t become a blubbering baby though. I had a smile on my face and the tears just welled up. I love you grandma and grandma!

Alas, I spent some of the day working on some digital scrapbooking stuff. There are some changes coming in that arena. I spent some time working on things on my digital scrapbooking blog. I need to finish the redesign I started on that blog. I need to finish adding some of the recent layouts I have completed. Yes, I do scrapbook (not just design the kits). I really need to finish the book I was working on for my Grandma and Grandpa Hellewell for their Christmas gift (yes, I know it is March).

I am seriously considering starting some digital scrapbooking classes for those that want to learn. My problem is doing all the teaching for “free.” I am having a total “what is in it for me?” moment right now. Don’t mind me. I’ll get over it in a few minutes. I’d love to share with others. I’d love to make some money doing it. If you’re interested, let me know.

I really need to mop floors again. Everyone will just have to ignore my floors tomorrow. *laugh*

I knitted a bit more tonight. I am starting to enjoy the lace work. It is a challenge sometimes and I “have” to have the pattern directions right there in front of me as my memory just sucks and I can’t remember what I am supposed to be doing halfway across the row, let alone 56 rows later. It is turning out nicely. I am thinking with the size of this lacework, the tablecloth won’t need an insert piece of any sort as the edging will just trump it anyway. It is much wider than I expected. It is looking nice.

Kyle had another good week at school this week. No F’s in his Wednesday folder again this week. GO KYLE! He took the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test yesterday (reading only). I am sure he did fine. I still worry. He practiced the piano this morning like I “suggested.” I asked him how it felt to have 30 minutes more free time in the afternoon. His response? “It is awesome, can I go play with Josh?” Yes, son, now you’re starting to get the picture. Hopefully, the message will have stuck for reference again tomorrow and he’ll practice the piano before school again tomorrow.

Andrew has his first orchestra solo contest tomorrow evening. He’s been practicing extra so hopefully he’ll do well. I am sure he will. I had to buy him a new lesson book for his private lessons. Now that he’s got class everyday for orchestra and he’s got a steady private instructor one time a week, he’s really progressing.

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