let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Oops! LET IT RAIN! It is nice to sit and listen to the sound of the falling rain. Many might think I have completely lost my mind. To those I say, “rain” on you!

For me, it is rather relaxing in that: (1) it is not a hurricane, (2) it is washing all the pollen out of the air, and (3) it is giving everything a much needed watering that we have been denied for so long. Now, I just hope that we don’t make up the local rain deficit in the next 2 days as that would mean a LOT of heavy rain for endless hours. You might as well have a hurricane at that point.

But this late cold front is offering some much needed relief to all the allergy sufferers in the greater metro-Houston area. Myself is included in this! Wash the air, friendly rain. Knock the pollen from their perches on the branches everywhere, gentle rain. Keep the temperature out of the upper 80s, soothing rain. Water my grass and let its green shine forth, plentiful rain.

At the very least, the rain has been appreciated by me yesterday and now today as seeing is after 1am. Maybe I should go to bed and listen to the rain for a while as I won’t be sleeping…oh the sounds of the rain…

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