Spring Break is almost over

As we’re going into the weekend, I thought I would update our Spring Break plans versus our accomplishments…

Previously, I posted this list:

• A science experiment that Andrew wants to try with cold blue water and hot red water and a bucket with a cardboard divider. Evidently, we’re going to find out what happens to the water when you pull the divider out. – We haven’t done this yet. The weekend is still young, however. This should only take us a few minutes so it might be on tap for tomorrow.

• Going bowling. – Done. We did 2 hours of bowling. I kicked some major butt instead of having my butt majorly kicked.

• 2 piano lessons (2 make up lessons, 1 more to schedule) – Did the 2nd one this morning! We still have 1 more to schedule, but we got 2 of the 3 done.

• Maybe going to Old MacDonald’s Farm – mostly for Lance and Katlynn’s amusement. – I think we just kind of ruled this out when we went to the park. Time and distance and money. Katlynn and Lance had a blast at the park though.

• Going to at least one book store per Kyle’s insistence (I am just grateful he’s reading). – Done! It took some work (see previous posts), but we did manage to clean up in the book department. Kyle has already almost finished one of his books he got.

That’s all we have talked about thus far. Maybe we’ll try to go to the Zoo or something since this week is not the same week that everyone else has Spring Break. I don’t know…. – Not going to happen with the way the weather is right now. It has basically rained for the last 24 hours. I don’t see it ending any time soon. The rain is very much needed so you won’t catch me complaining.

So you can see that we managed to get what was planned done. This is good. The boys have had fun. They’ve done a lot of karate and piano and computer time and TV time and reading and whatnot. They can’t say they went to Sea World or anything like that, but they can say that they had fun. It was a nice break from school for them at the very least.

Of course, Andrew goes back to school on Monday only to wait for report cards that come home on Friday. I am not worried. I know he is not worried. Just one of those things.

I am not sure when Kyle gets his report card. They are not on the same grading period. The elementary school is on 9 week grading periods and the junior high school is on 6 week grading periods. I am less worried about Kyle’s upcoming report card than I have been in the past. He’s been doing pretty good in school lately.

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