He didn’t throw up

Andrew didn’t throw up or pass out…He looked like he was going to toss his cookies as he was getting up, but he recovered nicely. He didn’t look so nervous after only a couple of minutes. That’s a good sign actually. Andrew gave his first “talk” in front of EVERYONE at church this afternoon. I have to say that he did a pretty good job too. He talked fairly quickly, but he was still very clear and he would slow down occasionally and catch his breath. It is funny how inspired the “speakers” are. The lady that spoke after him took the “most” time and she needed it. She left her husband not much time, but sufficient for what he had to say. Andrew’s talk was short, but concise about why dressing “modestly” is important.

Reverence is something that is hard with so many wiggly bodies in the chapel. It makes it hard to hear the speakers and sometimes to feel the spirit. The Lord knew that I “needed” to be able to hear today and while I did have to really focus with all my might, I was able to “hear” my son and his sincere talk over the “quiet roar” of all the wiggling bodies and fussing babies that result when you have such a large crowd of young children together at one time.

Kyle’s observation after church today was “I know why there aren’t very many trucks in the parking lot.” OK, I can’t wait to hear this explanation. There are lots of minivans because there are so many kids and there aren’t many families that will fit in a truck because they don’t have that much room in them. I have to say that I am proud of him for coming up with this observation and drawing this conclusion on his own. He’s right on so many levels. I was noticing that while we feel the building on Sunday, we do not fill the parking lot. There is a large number of minivans (ours included) in the parking lot on Sundays.

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