Another day

Today was another Saturday. Just that. Nothing fancy. Nothing elaborate. Just Saturday. I don’t even have much to say about it. It is what it is.

Today we had our lawn aerated by the ward Young Men/Boy Scout group. They are raising money for camp. It is a nice way to help the lawn and help them out. To be honest with you since ABC Pest, Pool, and Lawn wants to charge $119 for their basic aeration service, $40 seems like a steal. Since our yard is slopped funny and watering the grass yields watering the street…this does help.

Now to get a power rake and get some of the straw grass out of the lawn. Experience has shown that our lawn will not over grow the straw. One of the ward members is interested in splitting the cost of the power rake with us. That’s nice. We’re going to see if the neighbor also wants to split the cost.

The pollen levels have been up and down today. That or my tolerance for it has been up and down. That or I am getting sick. I’ve had a nasty sinus headache off and on all day. It responds to pain medicine so that’s nice, but the fact that I have it all is not nice. I have another starting right now. Hopefully, tomorrow will yield to be an uneventful day with the sinus headaches. I’ve been stuffy headed long enough if you want my opinion.

You better sit down

You better sit down for this one…

I actually scrapbooked today. OK, so I still haven’t finished the 2 page layout I am working on and in all fairness it was a layout I had already started and put the pictures on. I had put it away because while I liked it, I didn’t know how to finish it. It is coming together nicely now, just time consuming as I fiddle with the fine details and placement. I one area of focus that I am not sure what I am going to do. It needs something, but I am not 100% sure what, yet.

Now to try and get that book completed for my grandparents. I talked to grandma yesterday on the phone. Dad called her so she could talk to Kyle on his birthday. I really need to get it done, printed, and in the mail. So close, but so far from being done.

I’ve never noticed that before

So I was reading a blog…one of some of the ones that I peruse from time to time. This particular one it was a blog about all Mac things…at least this blog post was.

In Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) in the spotlight bar if you type in a mathematical equation, you get the answer. The best part is that it is faster than loading the calculator application and/or the calculator widget on the dashboard. Just type in 2+2 in the spotlight search bar and voila you know what the answer is.

It also works if you type in a word. It will give you a definition without having to load the dictionary application or widget.

Pretty slick if you ask me. I knew there was a reason I loved my Mac so much.

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