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Making progress is good no matter how slow it might seem. I mean, come on, I’ve already gotten a lot done this morning though to many it might not seem like a whole lot. Often people forget about the “little” things that keep the house running every day. I mean, if I just quit washing clothes…

So so far this morning (since last posting, now 11:53am), I have:

• Eaten breakfast (so has Lance).

• Drunk a Coke Zero.

• Emailed my mother. Hi, Mom!

• Emptied the dryer, put the contents of the washer into the empty dryer, and reloaded the washer.

• Put together 2 mess-kits after they were washed from the last camping trip Ben and Andrew took.

• Packed the 2 camping pillows into a XXL Ziploc Storage Bag so that we’ll have “camping” pillows the next time they go camping. Camping should not be an excuse to get a new pillow. *evil laugh*

• Did the compression bags up on the 2 sleeping bags.

• Reorganized the camping tub to get the rest of the stuff above (camping related) into it – we’re going to need another tub if we get any more stuff.

• “Watched” Disney’s Dinosaur movie 2 times.

• Sorted the 3 baskets under the window in the entry way to the house that are filled with shoes. I pulled out all the shoes that no longer fit for the donation pile I am building to eventually take to NAM.

• Picked all the misc game pieces out of all the toys laying in the house entry way – evidently a cold, hard, tile floor is more fun to play on than I thought – and threw them into the huge tub of misc game pieces in my office. I need to decide which games are missing so many pieces they aren’t worth it anymore. Though I do have to say that Hasbro does offer order forms for their spare (replacement) game pieces. I need to decide what we need and if it is worth ordering the spare parts, making my own (like the money), or just buying an entirely new game (and keeping the spare parts we have).

• Made one pile of all the toys that need to be toted upstairs and be put away – still not sure how a cold, hard, tiled floor is more fun to play on than the large, carpeted game room upstairs. *scratching head*

• Made a pile of all the misc clothes – mostly socks – that have yet to make it to the laundry. They wonder why they don’t have clothes to wear. *scratching head* Fortunately, there were none of Ben’s socks laying in the entryway to the house. He’s content to leave those in the living room. *laugh*

• I then swept up all the garbage in the entryway and put it into the garbage can. Go me!

• I cleaned out the crumb trap in the toaster oven and quickly wiped down the inside of the toaster oven. I need to look at the proper way to clean the toaster oven since we’ve been doing the little Totino Pizzas in there it has made a small greasy mess in there.

• I put all the Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels into their assigned cans. I really need to count them and bag them and send them to school with one of the boys (or both, though I don’t think Andrew will think it is all that cool).

• I threw away a nasty, moldy, crusty clementine from the new bag I bought last week. I then washed all the other ones (3 pounds worth) and put them in the bottom of the box with the ones that where still in there.

• Cleared off and cleaned the kitchen counters fairly quickly (no deep cleaning this week), then quickly wiped down the stove top. I’ll get back to the stove top in a little while.

• Emptied the dryer…

• Quickly folded the now 2 loads of laundry on my bed. Well I folded everything except the socks that need to be matched. I hate matching socks. I still need to hang up the clothes that need to be hung up.

• Sprayed down the floor and toilet in the half bath with cleaner. I’ll be back in there in a few minutes to clean that so I can put the now clean bathroom rugs back in there. Evidently “Not Me” peed on the floor and left a wet spot on the bathroom rug last week.

• Loaded the contents of the washer into the dryer and reloaded the washer.

• Swept the kitchen floor very quickly. I need to go pick out the fridge magnets and little toys out of the pile before I rid the floor of it. I am not entirely sure how the magnets keep committing suicide and jump off the fridge. One of these was at the top of the fridge door. *scratching head* I think they might have help, so that wouldn’t make it suicide, that would make it murder. Hmmm…maybe “Not Me” did it. *rolling eyes* I am still not sure how a cold, hard, tiled floor is more fun to play on than the large, carpeted game room upstairs or even the carpeted living room. *scratching head*

• I am not taking a few minute breather and drinking a Diet Coke and watching part of Speed Racer with Lance. He keeps telling me about the car and how cool it is and how he’s going to break his car and everything. I have to “get ready to see his car break.”

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