…this afternoon…

Since I am on a roll and just because…do I need a reason?

As of right now (2:10pm), I have:

• Decided that we need a row of hooks behind the “entry” door in the entry way of the house. Why? To hang coats on. I know, we don’t use them often, but when we do enter the “winter season” we not only have coats to contend with…we have lightweight jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, caps, etc. The whole range of “warm” attire in various degrees of “warmness”. I can see a couple of rows of hooks to be real honest with you, one higher and one lower so Lance can reach. Just thinking out loud of course, not sure how soon we’ll get around to it since we’re almost out of the “need” of warmer attire period.

• Swept up the pile of garbage off the kitchen floor. I had Lance pick up the magnets and put them in their proper place.

• Emptied a few things out of the fridge and tossed them in the garbage. Science experiments galore. There is still plenty more to log, but we’ve done enough for now in that department.

• Made Lance lunch and myself lunch. Lance had a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with goldfish crackers and a sliced apple. I had a cheese and chicken deli meat sandwich.

• Cleaned the floor, sink, and toilet in the half bath. Shiny! As soon as the floor dries, I’ll put down the freshly washed and dried rugs.

• Emptied the dryer…

• Folded and hung all laundry except for the socks that don’t have mates (yet). The kids will have stuff to put away when they get home from school. *grin*

• Put the contents of the washer into the dryer, reloaded the washing machine.

• Now I am drinking a really big glass of cold water. Yummy! Refreshing!

• Listening to Lance beg me to put in a Bob the Builder DVD for him. *sigh* Since we watched Speed Racer twice it will be a nice change of pace. “Can we fix it?”

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