Church today

Today at church they split the primary into 3 parts. This is the kids’ classes. There are just so many kids. They had to split the “junior” primary (ages 3-8) into 2 parts. It is amazing how large our primary is. Lance doesn’t like change much so I was worried that he’d react badly, but while he did hesitate going down the hall to the new meeting location, he did go in to class. Yay! That’s a huge improvement.

I made pot-roast for dinner. It was really yummy. I have decided that I can only make 1 child happy when I make pot roast. That child? That would be Andrew. It is not complicated. We’re talking beef, potatoes, and carrots. Well…Kyle doesn’t like carrots. Lance doesn’t like anything. Lance went to bed early because he refused to eat. Kyle ate everything so he could have dessert, but he did drag his feet rather slowly eating. I had enough left over that we’re having beef pot pie tomorrow. I guess it will be another night where they don’t like their dinner. *shrug*

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