Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone

I want to wish everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day.

We started the day by sleeping in (well I did). Even though I went to bed early last night (about 11pm), I had a hard time waking up at 8am this morning. Then Kyle and I made a “special” breakfast. We made french toast and sausage. We ate. I realized we had so much french toast left over so I called my parents and told them to come over and have breakfast. I pulled out another package of sausage from the freezer and Kyle cooked that up for them. Food is gone now.

I finished up washing some of the hand wash stuff in the dishes department. Outside of the breakfast dishes that are waiting on the dishwasher to finish, most of the dishes are done. Yay!

Ben and my brother took down the Christmas tree. Yes, February 14th before the Christmas tree came down. In all fairness it has been undecorated for almost a month, so it has been sitting there with the start on top, unlit for well over a month. But it is down now. I have vacuumed up the floor and have moved the chair back into the corner.

Kyle has managed to lose his cub scout book. He’s refusing to look for it. I am rather irritated with him at the moment. He has been sent to clean his room.

Ben and I are going to the movies later today.

I still need to get me a new cell phone. *sigh*

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