Web design spammers go AWAY!

OK, I make it no secret that I am a web designer. I am. I can’t deny it. It is a crucial part of my very being. As such, I respect others who don’t have the skills (most of the time). I at least won’t go around SPAMMING people’s blogs with offers for web design services. Yes, it has happened to me more than once. Come on people GET OFF MY BLOG! This isn’t about flashy design or anything else for that matter, this about me – the person – and my family. It is also about my life and my life is not 100% wrapped up in web design. Here let me break my life down for you: 70% family, 15% web design, 10% digital scrapbook design, and that leaves 5% unaccounted for [well really, it is just that I won’t admit to it]. So GO AWAY and leave me alone. I’ll update my blog’s design when (1) I have time or (2) I feel like it. Neither of which I really am up to RIGHT NOW! So there! I deleted your tacky comments. Take that!

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