Do they make 12 step programs for that?

So here we are only 12 days into 2009 and I have managed to blog 23 times! Well, 24 if you count this post right now. WOW! Statistics time. In 2006, I only blogged 12 times the entire year. In 2007, I blogged a whopping 20 times. Then in 2008, I blogged 29 times the entire year. So here we are 13 days into the year and I’ve almost met my high of entire years past. I do believe this is going to be a good blogging year for me. Do they make 12 step programs for blogging addicts? One should know these things as well you never know what might happen.

I’ve started my 2nd knitting project of the year. Go me! It is crazy. I’ve never knitted this much in the 5 years I’ve been knitting and then all the sudden BOOM and I’m a power knitter. OK, so I am not churning out a scarf a night, but it is all good. Since I finished that poncho and tried it on my niece’s Fancy Nancy 18″ Doll, I decided it was time to knit a scarf for a doll as well. Fancy Nancy looked mighty cute in the poncho! She needs something a bit more spunky in the color department, the refined gray just wasn’t cutting it. But I digress. I have started knitting a scarf for one of the 18″ dolls in my life (well, I’m living vicariously through my nieces). I figure by the time Christmas rolls around the 2 American Girl Dollsand Exquisite Fancy Nancy Dollwill be well dressed! I wonder if I’ll be needing a 12 step program for crazy knitters come July. *scratching head* What about those that change their blog design repeatedly? Now, I know I am not that bad as this design has been around a while. I am, however, changing my digital scrapbooking blog again. I figured it was only fair to give both blogs equal opportunity to shine brightly like a beacon in the night. So I’ll slowly update both over the next few weeks. Well, I’ll be honest that some of the changes I made today were spawned by the fact that it was hard to tell when posts started and ended on any given day with the frequency of posting now (especially with the number of pictures going up). So I fixed it!

I did manage to get some more pictures taken today. I haven’t looked at them yet, but I am hoping there were some good ones in the mix. I am enjoying the camera activity simply because it does mean that I have to use it everyday and hopefully learn something in the process. I’ll get those pictures uploaded ASAP.

So I’ve sat down to figure out what I need to get done and prioritize the various things on my “to do” list. I had a whopper list today. I didn’t get half of the things on my list done today. Now in all fairness, a lot of it was web design work that just wasn’t going to all get done today. There were about 8 projects of different sizes in that category alone. There were roughly the same number of smaller tasks to complete as well. I’ll just continue to whittle away on them until I am done with them all. There were at least 10 items on my list that were all Digital Scrapbook related – the designer aspect of my life. I need to get those done, but really I have a big decision to make in that category that has a huge impact on just how to prioritize the rest of the stuff in the category. Then you have all the household stuff…the list can go on indefinitely. Here I sit…looking at the list, wondering how I am going to get it all done. It is a good thing that some of the items will be low on the priority ranking system.

Tomorrow is a new day and another list will take the place of this one and we’ll have another chance to wipe the slate clean and start over on the daily “to do” list.

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