How cute is this?

So I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my newly knitted doll poncho on an actual doll. Now, that by itself is a challenge as I have all BOYS in this house so having a 18″ doll is not exactly a reality. So off to my mother’s house to find one of Katlynn’s dolls. She’s got lots of dolls and her new Fancy Nancy is just the right size (more or less).

We find Fancy Nancy. Katlynn was more than happy to go up the stairs and get her for me. I imagine that I’ll get this adorable doll, dressed in bright, spunky colors (to match her hair).

Alas, what I got was a nudist! Evidently there is a rash of nudist doll colonies around there. Great. We’ll just find Fancy Nancy some clothes to put on. Mom finds her top/sun dress. Alas it isn’t long enough to cover her bare bottom. *sigh* Off to find some pants. Katlynn simply refused to go upstairs and get her doll’s panties. Evidently one trip of the stairs to suit Aunt Stacey’s fancies was too much. *laugh* So I dig through the toy boxes and FINALLY I found a pair of pants that are approximately the right size. YAY! Go me!

So Fancy Nancy has clothes (don’t care if they don’t match as they aren’t important, the poncho is). Evidently, I am sorely out of practice in the “doll dressing” department. At least the poncho goes on EASILY unlike the shirt!

So here is a picture of Fancy Nancy in the doll poncho I knitted. Pretty darn cute if you ask me!

Isn’t this such an adorable doll???

A little closer look.

I guess technically, these pictures could count as my “picture of the day” for yesterday, but … NO … I’ve got more. ๐Ÿ˜€

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