Halloween Observations

So we’re out Trick or Treating on the infamous Halloween night. I made a few observations.

People are just rude or heathen slobs.

1. If you are not going to participate in the Halloween festivities for whatever reason (I don’t care what your reason is)…TURN OFF YOUR PORCH LIGHTS! If you don’t want people coming to your door, turn your lights off. You don’t even need to turn off your inside lights, just the outside ones. The rule has been that you go to the houses with the front door lit. Come on people, it is just common courtesy. If you don’t want hundreds of greedy kids knocking on your door, then please just play by the rules. Don’t be rude when the kids knock on your door.

2. The sidewalk is not a trash can. If you are going to eat the candy as you go, find a trash can to put your trash in. COME ON PEOPLE! Parents, make sure your kids put their trash in the trash. Where do you put it, you ask? Well for starters we all know we go through the candy anyway…so…One suggestion would be to put it in the same bucket the candy is going into. You can then throw it away when you return home. Another suggestion is to stick it in a pocket. There! If you don’t have a pocket, get one! I had 2 boys shoving candy in my back pocket half the walk. I simply took the trash out and inserted into the garbage can when we got home. Get with the program people. I do not appreciate having to clean up other people’s trash out of my front lawn because someone was too inconsiderate to take care of their own trash.

3. There are still kind and generous people on this planet. Lance (4) announces “I need to go potty, I’m going to pee my underwear.” So what does a mother do? Well, we’re a long way from home at this point and we walked the entire way. Not a whole lot of secluded trees around here. Never fear, I have a friend who lives a couple of blocks away. We go there. Lights out! I call the house. No answer. I call the cell. No answer. What to do now? Fortunately, the neighbors came out and the allowed us to use their bathroom. How kind of them to let complete and total strangers into their house on Halloween night to let a desperate 4 year old go to the bathroom. I truly appreciate the generosity!

4. You can see TONS of Trick or Treaters out while you’re out and not get many at your own house. There were tons of them out. I promise, I was out in them. Ben said we didn’t get many at the house. I had two 8 quart bowls of candy and we didn’t empty either of them completely. One appeared to have not been touched at all.

5. It is fun to see all the people outside that night, sitting on their front porches, just having a festive time.

6. It can be pleasant outside on Halloween night even in Houston, Texas. It was a lovely night. The mosquitoes weren’t even that bad if you kept moving. I think I have 2 bites from the almost 2 hours we were out.

7. If you have a 4 year old and you go Trick or Treating, you will find out just how badly the child needs new shoes. Inevitably, the ones he is wearing will be too small by the end of the evening. So small that you will be begging the 4 year old to take off their shoes and walk the last block home in his sock feet.

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