The things that entertain a 4 year old

Did you know that a 4 year old boy parks his “hot wheels” side by side the on the couch, the length of the couch it will entertain him in more ways that one.

There is the initial lining them all up. That can take a while.

There are the emotional 4 year old temper tantrums when one rolls off and takes half a dozen others with it. Only to repeat again.

There is the laying down beside them on the couch…and ultimately, covering them up with a blanket. This is where mommy thinks that a nap is in order. He’s slept with worse things after all.

Then there is the pushing them off the edge of the couch one by one and the required sound effects of the cars crashing to their impending doom.

Then there is the monster mash where the 4 year old is the monster and the cars are screaming in utter fear as the monster stomps on said cars.

Then you have the emotional wails of the 4 year old crying because “the monster” hurt his feet.

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