Vomit, diarrhea, and fever? Why me?

No, I am not running a fever. I am not vomiting. I have no more diarrhea than I would normally have from taking a new antibiotic (sinus infection). But A has been sick for 2 days – started with vomiting and fever. He’s got the runs so bad. Well, L has the diarrhea so bad it isn’t funny. You know those runs that run right on down the leg and don’t slow down until they have hit and soaked into the carpet? The pull-up isn’t even holding it it is so bad. Fortunately, he doesn’t appear to be the least bit nauseated or running a fever. Now will K stay well? Will the rest of us avoid the nonsense? I certainly hope so.

I took K and L trick or treating last night. B stayed home with A, working, and doing door duty. We did 2 whole streets. They came home with full t-o-t-ing pumpkins. I’ve already confiscated them and put them out of site. The last thing I need today is L loading up on sugar and crap with how sour his backside is. He was SO excited about going. He even wore his Spider Man head covering (soft mask of sorts) the entire time! He was just so happy. I’ll try to get some pictures up soon. K was such a help keeping up with L’s bounding energy and running from door to door.

I am posting a picture today even though it isn’t a Trick or Treating picture. L went outside to play in the sand box in the backyard yesterday. He does that a lot, especially now that it is cooling off outside. I just let him play outside as much as he wants. We’re definitely going to have to put new sand in the box next year. He comes in every few minutes to talk to me or get a drink or jump on the couch. Well he didn’t come in for about 30 minutes. I had to go looking for him. And this is what I found:

Taking “Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.” literally. Definitely scrapbook worthy!

The Grocery Game is going well. I don’t feel exhausted when I think about going to the grocery store. I am enjoying this. It has been worth it so far. It is a lot of work, but I only think about all the work that I’d have to do to get the savings I am getting!


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