Rearranging cabinets again

It seems that every time that I go to the grocery store these days I am home rearranging cabinets that night trying to get everything to fit. That isn’t a bad thing. You aren’t hearing me complaining too loudly. It is just time consuming. It is a good feeling to see that cabinet get fuller and fuller though. I need to go take pictures after this last trip. I think it was by far my cheapest trip for 3 stores.

Well the week before was, but I only did 1 store and didn’t head back out for anything else. We won’t count it as the cheapest trip because of that. Last week was just too crazy to worry about it. The best part about that though is that I didn’t have to stress about not making it to the store. I had most of what we needed and what I didn’t we could do without. There was just too much going on that was insanely crazy. Including, but not limited to, the marathon last minute 24 hour trip to New Mexico and back.

Anyway, I totally ROCKED RANDALL’S! I saved 66% at Randall’s this week. Yay me! Go me! I saved $99 total at Randall’s. Oh yes, that was me dancing the happy dance walking out of the store! I only spent $51.20 in Randall’s. That included the required 6 boxes of Ritz Crackers. That even included a small turkey. Some baking stuff. Lots of chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup. I had a full cart! A full cart and it was only $51.20 instead of the usually expected “full cart=$200.” I was feeling good after that trip. My mom did almost as well at 63% savings.

Then we did Kroger. The savings we’re as dramatic at Kroger, but I was only sitting at $92-93 TOTAL after finishing Kroger. That’s for 2 stores. I didn’t have quite as full of a cart. The savings weren’t as good at Kroger, but I still managed to save 58%. Walking out of the store with a cart of goodies for only $41.07 including the 4 boxes of Diet Coke.

Then we did HEB. I only saved 41% at HEB, but that is fairly normal for HEB. I only spent $33.67 and I had 2 packages of Ziploc containers and 4 boxes of freezer bags in my cart so it wasn’t too bad. I also had 4 bags of Jet Puffed marshmellows. Don’t ask.

I still need to head to Wal-mart and have them price match the milk so that I can use the coupons I found on milk and bread. The bread is cheapest at Wal-mart for this particular kind. So I’ll have them price match the milk and then use the $1 off the milk coupon when I buy the bread. It is a win-win kind of setup. I’ll probably head over there later today. As I need Food Saver bags desperately. It appears that a trip to The Container Store will also be in order for today.

It was a good day! $126 later. Yes, I am easily entertained.

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  1. See…it’s paying off!! Aren’t you glad you stuck with it now?! It does take some time to figure out the grocery game, but grocery shopping actually starts to become FUN once you do! I am glad you’re doing so well! You’re making me miss it though. ๐Ÿ™ My best trip was getting 10 bottles of expensive spray gel and actually having Kroger owe me 1 cent…true story!! May your savings continue and your shelves always be full!!! Happy shopping!

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