New glasses – again

Anyone that knows me well knows that I cannot see very well without the assistance of a pair of glasses. I am extremely nearsighted and I have astigmatism in both eyes. More than that, I was diagnosed with blepharitis officially this summer. Keeping the glasses up to date is a big deal for me, especially when there are changes. I would say that not being able to read the closed captioning on the TV from across the room anymore is a big change.

So I did my due diligence. I looked at glasses at the optometrist’s office. I looked at Walmart in passing. I looked at Zenni Optical. Since I am light sensitive with my migraines and lights can be a trigger, I need to be able to get sunglasses as well as everyday wear glasses. And past experiences have proven that I need to wear my bifocals all the time, not just when I feel like I need to read. Who doesn’t need to read all the time anyway? This means even my sunglasses are bifocals because I can read the dash more comfortably if I do that.

This, however, means that it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly, especially with my prescription. It isn’t cheap to buy bifocals, especially no-line progressive bifocals. I have paid upwards of $800 for a single pair of glasses before. That is unacceptable to me. So I shop around. Especially since you have to add the cost of the sunglass lenses on top of the base price so it adds up fast.

Glasses – Round One

I thought I was doing good and decided to order from Zenni Optical. I would get the most bang for my buck at least. I waited my time – I almost always rush the delivery. They came – three pairs. I ordered regular clear everyday glasses, sunglasses, and a trial pair of transition glasses. I figured that they come in handy if I am in and out tending to the garden. I would at least have some sun protection.

And I put them on and started wearing them. There is always a honeymoon period with new progressive lenses. I don’t care how long I have been wearing them, there is always that transition from one prescription to the next. I thought everything was going to be fine.


They got the pupillary point on 2 pairs in the wrong spot. It was just off a touch, but noticeable when I am trying to do things on the computer or watch TV. I had the optometrist’s office confirm what I already knew. These 2 frames also did not fit amazingly. They were the same frames. And the 3rd frame did not fit. It was even worse than the other two not to mention they were flimsy in my opinion. The prescription appeared to be right, but the frames were just wrong.

So I sent them back. All three pairs. I put back on my old glasses. And waited for them to receive them and process my “store credit” from my returns.

Glasses – Round Two

I have to say that I must have ordered the new batch of glasses at just the right time because the turnaround time on them was 2 weeks or less. This is not always the case. Usually, it is closer to 2 weeks just for processing them. Well, they arrived today. I had a horrible headache. I felt bad. Stressed out and exhausted.

In spite of all the wrong conditions to be trying new glasses, I put them on immediately.

This time I only ordered 2 pairs because the practicality of my wearing the transition lenses most of the time was not as likely as just going in the house and grabbing my sunglasses. I’d have to do that anyway if I did not wear the transition lenses all the time anyway. I ordered the same frames for both pairs except I changed the color for each of them.

Thus, I still have a decent “store credit” amount left if I change my mind and decide to order the transition lenses anyway or if my husband needs a pair of glasses as well. Which he does. I am no longer claiming to be responsible for setting his appointments anymore because he knows what his meeting schedule is and what he can swing for appointment times. He keeps complaining, but he has yet to make that appointment.

The good news is that these fit better and the prescriptions appear to be correct. No complaints thus far except that they are very snug over the ears. This is not a “bad fit” problem that cannot be fixed. It can. The lady at the optometrist’s office tried to fix it on the other frames but there was just too much that needed adjustment to be truly effective. These are mostly fine except for the tightness over the ears. Looking at their construction, this should be fairly easy for them to adjust for me. The other thing is that they are heavier than my preferred weight for glasses, but it is what they had that I did not immediately hate when looking at them that also fit my big head.

Not Instant Love

What do you think?

They aren’t horrible. I don’t love them. I don’t hate them either.

They are more “square” than I care for, but they certainly don’t look awful or anything. I am still getting used to the weight. I do not love that. I am trying to see if the snugness over the ears will loosen up a little with regular wear. So far, that is not the case. I will likely have to get them into the optometrist’s office and see if they can adjust them a little for me.

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