Another week of groceries

Is grocery pickup/delivery cheaper than going to the store?

My husband seemed less shocked that I ordered groceries this week. Last week, he asked, “So we’re doing mail order groceries now?” It was almost as if he had some sort of distrust in the process. I will forgive him. I have been there.

This week, I just did not have time to get to the grocery store with everything else that is going on this week. I have not even started my “book review” paper for my Math Class. We had to write a review on a “financial planning” book of our choice (from a provided list). It is due on Saturday night and I have not started. I also have a report due in Religion class on the Christ-like Attribute that I chose to study this semester (diligence). Plus, I am lead student this week and that is time consuming in itself. Oh, and I have 4 active sewing students this week. I still have to prepare stuff for their lessons – prep their lesson materials.

It is a lot to take in all at once. Grocery shopping at 2-3 different stores just does not sound all that appealing to me. Not one little bit.

So this week, I ordered my groceries online for pick-up. I am mostly done. There are a couple of things that they did not have in stock and unless I can come up with something else to make in its place, I am going to need to run to a different store to see if I can get those items.

Kroger Click and Pick

Yesterday, I had my Kroger groceries in my possession. I really wanted to have them delivered, but I opted for going to pick them up instead to avoid the myriad of fees that Instacart tacks onto the total for using their service. It really was not a huge difference in the big picture, but I was really pushing the grocery budget for the week and I wanted to get it as close to the “limit” as possible without going completely out of control.

They had to make a substitution and they had 1 item that was out of stock. That particular item was Colby-Jack Cheese blocks. I ordered enough cheddar cheese that it does not matter. This particular brand is safe for me to eat (unlike most cheeses). I buy several every single time I go into Kroger so that I can insure that they will continue to restock it. Often they are simply out of the blocks of cheese because they are good and cheap.

Walmart Grocery Pick-up

If you have not used the grocery pick-up service at Walmart, I have to ask you “why not?” Of all the services that I have used thus far, it is by far the friendliest in the parking lot for pick-up. I will admit that it is a close tie to my last Instacart delivery person, but overall, I have had nothing positive experiences with Walmart. They even throw in a free gift of some sort each time I pick up. Sometimes it is nothing more than a free sample of a product, but I have also received a couple of complete goodie bags with a plethora of free samples in it. Today? Today, I received a handful of carnations and a free sample of Lay’s potato chips. Not too bad.

To sweeten the deal and encourage you to shop, I am going to share my referral code with all of you.

You do not have to feel obligated to use this link, however, I receive $10.00 credit and you will also receive $10.00 off your first order.

But is it cheaper?

The verdict is still out if it is cheaper to purchase groceries via pick-up and/or delivery. Sometimes it is harder to find what I am looking for with my dietary restrictions, as not every store provides the best pictures of the items. I need to be able to read the labels completely to verify what ingredients are.

In the long run, I think that it is cheaper – overall.

If you are a deal shopper, you may not find the best deals, but there are still deals to be had. You can comparison shop as you load things into your cart so you are not obligated to purchase at any one store.

My biggest complaint overall is that there is some price mark-up in the online shopping. That’s not cool in my opinion. It is what it is. Since I can compare prices, I can easily avoid this problem so it is not a deal breaker.

If you are like me, however, and you like to browse the stores then ordering your groceries and simply picking them up or having them delivered could be a huge cost savings. I like to browse sometimes. I like good deals that may not necessarily be advertised. I also tend to shop for hobbies and other things when I am at Walmart. Then if you add the things that I forgot that we needed but simply walking around the store reminded me of, then I can have a bit extra on my total.

For now, I am going to trust that I am saving “some” money by using the service(s).

What are your opinions on grocery delivery and/or pick-up?

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