Patience required: transition happens

Patience required: Transitions happen | Blog | Stacey Sansom

Let me please make a humble request that all my readers please bring their patience with them when they visit my blog here over the next few weeks and even possibly months. Your patience is required! Transition happens and sometimes with technology that transition can look more like organized chaos than effective change. Please be patient!

Some things currently inaccessible

There are some things that were prominent and easily accessible on the previous “4guysandme” blog created via Blogger are inaccessible as of right now. That is NOT BY DESIGN! In the transition from Blogger to WordPress, some things got lost in translation – or rather, in format.

Some of these things include (but are not limited to):

  • Pages featuring quick and easy access to different categories of content – recipes, scrapbooks, wish lists, etc.
  • Some media – currently, I believe that I have only lost the videos as of right now, but I don’t know 100% the extent of the loss.
  • Anything that used Blogger’s proprietary features.
  • Forwarding from Blogger is sketchy.

Why change at all?

In my opinion, when compared to Blogger, WordPress is the far superior option for easy, quick, and effective blogging.

The plan has been for a very long time to eventually move the blog to WordPress. Well last month, I finally made that plunge, I acquired my domain name and set a goal to “get started.” Let me confess right here that the goal was not well planned, simply set and executed.

It isn’t perfect – yet.

So far the thing that I see as the biggest drawback of this move and to you, as my readers, is the fact that what I had “deemed as pages” in Blogger, did not import as pages into WordPress. Let me state, this is not a big deal. It will require some creative work on my part to relocate those “pages” and/or recreate them.

Also, redirecting services from Blogger are sketchy at best! I have set redirects up and I tested it. It worked. Until it didn’t. Some posts redirected to their corresponding posts on my new WordPress blog without fail. Other posts redirected to the home page, but not to their corresponding posts. I have decided that right now, I am 100% okay with that. My goal is not to maintain anything on Blogger as far as this blog is concerned.

I am looking forward, not backward. You should join me.

Content and formatting are independent

Also many – aka: almost all – of the posts imported from Blogger suffer from several formatting issues. The content is still there, they just don’t look well put together. They look more like they were slapped onto the page haphazardly. That was not the intention. It is not the look that I was going for or want. It is what we have to deal with – right now. And, we are going to deal with it.

I will slowly fix things as I go. However, the look does not negate the content.

New things possible

Because of this change, new things are possible.

  • Who doesn’t want printable recipes?
  • Who doesn’t want access to downloads that I will offer from time to time?
  • Who doesn’t want flexibility across different platforms?

I know that I want fast, flexible, and easy. I can provide you with MORE if I have efficient. This change offers me that.

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