Why are there so many posts?

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I have been asked, “If you just started this blog, why are there so many posts?”

The answer is simple: I did not just start this blog. I started it many years ago. I only just recently purchased the staceysansom.com domain name.

Part of the reason that I switched my original blog away from Blogger is because of lack of features. I have always felt limited on the features, but I didn’t realize just how draining those lack of features really was for me emotionally. Moving a blog the size of mine, I imagined was a lot of work. It was so easy now several years later.

The best part of this change is that I have options and flexibility. I can better organize the posts so that they are easier to maintain, manage, and share with appropriate audiences.

Many of you know that I had an active blog previous to this one. I have imported all those posts into this blog. Don’t panic, they should all be there if you had your favorite post. Some of the videos and/or images may have been lost in the move, but I am working to restore everything as soon as possible.

If you are new to the blog, you have a lot of reading to catch up on. Now get to it!

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