I won something!

From time to time I find a surprise here or there. It makes me happy. I do not win things very often, but when I do it can be big. I do not always hit the big time, but sometimes.

A little while ago, I found the website PatternJam. It is a social network website for quilters so to speak. It is nice and quiet for the most part. It takes the form of Pinterest mostly. There is a blog that is too quiet for my tastes, but it is growing. I would just like to see more.

It has a Pinterest type board where you can like and follow quilt designs. I can follow the quilts or the quilt designers – I can choose. So if the designer isn’t spectacular, but they happened to have that one hit wonder I can still follow the updates on that particular quilt.

The premise is that anyone can design quilts – it is that easy. It does not mean that we are all fabulous designers, but anyone can do it. Kind of like the philosophy, “anyone can cook.” It does not mean that anyone should, just that anyone can.

Well the website was running a contest. I forgot about it. I really was not paying much attention to it actually. It was a contest in passing as far as I was concerned. I figured that I would not be eligible for the most part as PatternJam is the website where I am trying to strike up a business relationship with. If I am in a “working relationship” with them, I figured I would not be able to win the contests. Alas, the relationship has not materialized past the talking stages as of yet. I suppose that is good for me in this instance.

I won the contest!

What did I win? I won a bundle of fat quarters.

They selected my quilt design for “Every Which Way” as one of the three winning designs for the contest for the fat quarter bundles. https://blog.patternjam.com/design-contest-winners/

I am so stoked! I cannot believe that it won.

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