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We attended church Sunday morning before we left to return back to Tomball. I am not sure we should say morning so much as early afternoon. It was 11:00am for church. It was 2:00pm before we walked out the doors of the church building.

We attended the Rockwall Ward. There are actually 3 wards in the area now. All of the houses that we looked at on Saturday were located within the boundaries of the Rockwall ward so that is the ward we attended. Since we especially liked the Woodcreek neighborhood and a large portion of it feeds into the Rockwall Ward, that was also a deciding factor on our choice.

Now when I come back to house shop over Spring Break, I may attend the Heath Ward as most of the houses that the real estate agent may show me then, may feed into that ward. We will not know 100% what we will do until we get to that point, however.

I have to say that the ward was nice enough. It was not the Memorial Springs Ward by any stretch of the imagination. I am going to miss it here. I have to say, however, that you make any ward what you put into it. For this, I am going to put my heart and soul into it because there is something I need to do here and I am going to find my purpose wherever it be.

As we were leaving, I told Kyle to get some pictures of our new views…these are his…

Lake Ray Hubbard also known as the Ray Hubbard Reservoir. This picture does not do it justice at all. The reservoir is huge. This is just a small portion of Lake Ray Hubbard.

Yes, I know my state safety inspection sticker is expired. It really is not. At least not anymore. It was expired until last week. I needed to buy new tires for the minivan before I could get it safety inspected. Or at least until it would pass a safety inspection. In December the front tires were surely not going to pass but the back ones were questionable or marginal. By March, none of the tires would pass. Go figure. I am pleased to announce that I am the proud new owner of 4 new tires and a current state safety inspection. Unfortunately, the State of Texas has gone to a single sticker system and I will not get my new inspection sticker until I register my car again so I just have to carry proof that my safety inspection is current. Supposedly with the new database they can verify that I am current, but they said to keep documentation in the car just in case.

It might have been Sunday, but unfortunately we had to stop – we had two hungry cars and 4 hungry bellies that needed to be fed before we got on the road. We were not going to have to stop for gas again, my car was not going to make it to Buc-ees with what was left in the tank after our late return to Garland from Denton on Saturday night and then getting up and driving around Rockwall earlier Sunday morning. We decided to take the kids out to where we were looking at primarily from the things we saw from the day before.

This is a bad picture of me, but I think it is a decent picture of the view of the I-30 bridge going over Lake Ray Hubbard. We are sitting on an overpass type thing waiting to turn left to start our descent down onto the highway bridge.

If you look closely, off in the distance to the right you can see the Dallas Skyline.

Kyle did a good job catching my expression of just how bright the sun was at this intersection. It was bright. From time to time you catch the reflections coming up off the water and you are reminded all over again just how bright that sun is.

Note to self: When ordering new glasses, make sure there are sun glasses included.

This is not a great picture at all. He was trying to get the stuff that was out over the water, but he missed. He was having problems getting the camera to focus because I was “driving too fast.”

Fortunately, he did not miss everything. Check out the rear view mirror. He caught a view of the Hilton Hotel from the Rockwall Harbor as we were pulling away. The Harbor is something we will probably spend a lot of time exploring over the first little while we are there, especially as it goes into the warmer months. It looked like it could be a lot of fun.

Again, this is not a great picture, but you care see the roof tops of the boat huts in the marina as we were driving by. I am not sure what you call them to be honest. I am sure there is a proper name for them. There are several of these as you drive around the lake. They are just boat covers and docks it looks like from the road.

Once we made it over the lake, we were on our way…

And eventually…

We made it back to Buc-ees. Where Lance insisted on hugging the Buc-ee Beaver – again.

I truly believe that Buc-ee Beaver has become a new friend for Lance. He loves the Buc-ee beef jerky by the way.

After a quick stop in the clean restrooms, we were back on the road again. Until next time…

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