Lance goes camping

This weekend is a big one. Lance is going camping for the first time as an 11 year old Boy Scout. This will be his first official Boy Scout camp out. He is pretty excited about this. 
He was pretty cute with his list that he gave me to buy the food they would need for their campout. He had to buy three items – orange juice, eggs, and bottled water. 
Lance is ready to load into the car and go. Mom made him stop for a picture though. 
Getting them packed was interesting. It did require Ben to go to storage and pull one box that we could get to that we knew we had a large portion of stuff in. It did require me to purchase some other items that we could not get to and did not have time to hunt around to try and borrow them. It is okay, these items will not go to waste with a house full of boys. 
I hear there are some great places to go camping in Oklahoma. We will be living a lot closer to Oklahoma.

Here is the group of campers ready to go. Left to right: Ben (fearless leader), Dillan, Blake, Lance, Marc (fearless leader).

They are heading to a Camporee somewhere in Navasota. 

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