We are in a holding phase of life. With moving that is how it goes. We just do not know where we are going to be in three months let alone four months. Will we still be here? Will we be in temporary housing? Will we be in our final landing spot? We just do not know right now. 
While we are doing all this, life is going on around us. We just have to go with the flow. We are just flowing…
This is Lance’s facial reaction to my response to the normal things that kids his age are doing right now. 
They went to Ulrich Intermediate School for a tour on their field trip on January 21st. For Lance, it was him going along because that was where they were going. He already knows that he is not attending Ulrich next year because we ARE moving and we most likely will be gone before school starts again. It is a very bad thing if we are still here that long. 
As a result of this trip, it is now time for the kids to pick their electives and fill out their course selection forms. This is not a big deal, it is always done this time of year. This time, however, it is different because Lance knows he will not be attending so “what is the point?” 
His face when I said, “what if we are still here?” was priceless and says it all. Basically why would we go through all this to still be here?!. I am with him on that one.
Prayers that this house sells as fast as the hottest item on Black Friday! 

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