The half bath so far

We are almost done with the half bath fix-ups. I still need to order the toilet paper holder and the hand towel holder, but I thought I would share the results so far.

It looks very nice. 

The bathroom faucet was the original one in the house. It was showing its age and it had taken a beating over the years with three boys. It had several chips in the finish and with our hard water it just did not hold well for showing the house. It was an eye sore. So this bathroom got a brand new faucet to get rid of the mole on the nose so to speak. No reason to let something stand out in the one bathroom where people are going to look and pay attention. I am not a huge fan of oiled bronze finish because it is so dark that I think you cannot see all the features, but I think in small doses it is nice. It does look nice and people seem to like it.
Here is our “new” light fixture mounted back on the wall. It is amazing what a little spray paint will do for an existing light fixture that is in good condition but just needs a little face lift. This one looks beautiful in my opinion. It looks new without costing more more than the cost of the can of Rust-oleum. 

Here is the overall look with the faucet and light together. Yes, the picture is a little dark. I am sorry for that. Yes, those LED lights are that bright.

We have a big mirror to hang on the wall still. I have found that Kirklands is a great resource for finding these things on sale at good prices. It was the best price I could find and it was a really big mirror.

We also have a cheap floating shelf I picked up at Lowes that I spray painted to match the frame on the mirror to go above the toilet. There is no cabinetry in this bathroom so this will give it a place to put toilet paper rolls and hand towels.

My trashcan was just a metal trash can that I sanded down and sprayed with the same oiled bronze Rust-oleum I used for the light fixture. I already owned it. If we do not have oiled bronze fixtures on the other end of the move, I will simply spray paint it again whatever finish we have. That is how easy it was. Cheap and easy. The worst part was the dry time on the multiple coats of paint.

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