The boys’ Christmas ornaments

So I am a little late with these but I thought I would share these with everyone.

These are not original. My mom saw these online somewhere and she made these for her tree a couple of years ago. Just so everyone know that I am not stealing them and claiming them as my own idea.

A little back story…

Lance said that he wanted a Gingerbread Man on my tree a couple of years ago but I have not found him one. His brothers have 2 big ones – one that I made them and one that Grandma Tony sent them. When he first asked for this I promptly asked Grandma Tony to go on a search for one as well. All she could find that year was little tiny one. He was happy with it and it is really cute, but it is NOT BIG like his brothers’ wooden ones. So the quest continues. Who knew that wooden gingerbread men would be so hard to find?

So I kept seeing these on my mother’s tree this year and I thought, after seeing all the various ornaments and not seeing any that really suited the boys this year, “I should make one of those for each of the boys.”

So I did…

Here are the results…

Now my mother’s versions just used ordinary craft foam like the instructions said to do for the eyes and buttons. I used regular buttons for the eyes and buttons. Mom had those. She thinks that she had purchased them after making her original batch. 
The best part? Their names are in my handwriting, mostly. I physically wrote their name out in a ball point pen and then stitched over the line. They will have that memory of my handwriting for years to come. Just be aware that it is not super easy to write on felt with a pen. I used the Frixion Pens and that helped considerably, but it still was not an easy task on the felt.
I am pleased with the results. 
I am sure the boys would have been more pleased with them too if they had been completed before the ornaments came OFF the Christmas tree this year. Oh well. With everything else going on I just didn’t get it done. Next year. I will try harder next year.

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